Saturday, February 28, 2009

Was Punxsutawney Phil right after all?

So Phil saw his shadow, but it's been such a mild winter here in DC (we thought it was part of the Obama Effect, that inclement weather just seemed to bounce off the DC Dome of Happy Glow). Friends were just remarking last week that it seemed that we would march bravely into spring without one major winter storm (sending the others to New England instead).

And then, well - maybe Phil was right after all. Unless the DC Dome of Happy Glow continues to do its magic.

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M said...

Out here in Michigan, we've had a very hard winter. Snow storms started up in October and have persisted. Most months we've had snow every week, and it's persisting, even after slight warm ups/melts.

That DC dome of happy can't last much longer, change we can believe in, isn't what we're getting, but an example of higher, more concentrated doses of the same garbage Clinton and Bush gave us, and judging from Obama's latest claim that he truly is an advocate of change.. he either still thinks we're snowed, or he feels protected from having to hear or face repercussions from the very real anger that exists against him because he's shown himself to be a liar, and a fraud.