Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sat. Night at the Cafe: Happy Valentine's Day

Years ago I was a adult volunteer youth leader going on a ski trip in Upstate New York with two tour buses filled with teenagers, aged 13-17. On my bus we had picked out several videos that could be watched by anyone ages 7-17 (i.e., they were rated 'G') and when I suggested Lady & the Tramp as the first video, I was met with booing and hissing and the throwing of wads of paper balls. Undaunted, I popped the Disney video in and settled back for the first leg of our trip.

Well, when it got to the particular scene with the shared spaghetti by Lady and the Tramp, the bus had grown very silent and I turned in my seat to see dozens of pairs of eyes all staring at the video screen, engrossed in the film. It was hard not to chuckle. As Lady and her Tramp shared their one piece of spaghetti, at the most appropriate moment, I lifted the video box to block "the kiss" from view.

What followed I will never forget. "NOOOO!!" the teens shouted out from their seats, as the box blocked their view. I thought I was going to be thrown from the bus.

Heh heh heh. Don't let teens fool you, they are romantics at heart - even for Disney. Happy Valentine's Day.

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M said...

Awww, that is so sweet, no matter what teenagers say, they get as pulled in as the little ones, and not a few of us adults do as well. I showed your post to my daughter, and she remembered her first time watching Lady and the Tramp at age 5. She said it was the reason she was wanting us to find an Italian restaurant just like the one in the cartoon, as she believed she might see the dogs outside if we found a perfect match to the restaurant. :) Thanks for the lovely post and the memories.