Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mark Your Calendars: Third Annual "CafeAnonsBall" coming Tuesday, Feb. 24th (Shrove Tuesday)

Yes, friends, it's that time again to celebrate all our anons who drop by for chai and butterbeer and sometimes a pie or two. Sometimes they eat them and sometimes they throw them, but they are always welcome at the Cafe.

You know who you are and this is a party to celebrate you.

Some blogs are tough on anonymous posters - they can be a bit unruly at times (and some don't even know about Hagrid who has his own regular table by the door, just in case!). But it just wouldn't be a real cafe unless we didn't always know everyone's name.

Some of our anons drop us a line and let us know who they are - and sometimes we have a few guesses (especially if they are regular anons). But some cannot give their names and some are later find themselves relieved they did not. Rather than getting a bit huffy about it all, we just celebrate you all on Shrove Tuesday when it's okay to throw some food, especially pancakes.

As with the unknown, one never knows what a Cafe Anon might post - sometimes it can be sheer joy and sometimes, well, it's not exactly sheer joy. Seldom - but it does happen - do we need to rouse Hagrid out of his chair, though sometimes he takes it on his own since he's a rather loyal fellow. He has been known to toss an anon or two out the door, but it is rare. That being said, it's always nice to have a resident giant, just in case.

But on Shrove Tuesday, the last day before Lent begins, we have a party and celebrate all of our wonderful Anons - we hope you will drop by, named or unnamed. All are welcome!

Though, if truth be told, we know that Someone does indeed know all our names. And that is the truth.

For more on past CafeAnonBalls here at BabyBlueOnline:

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