Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greetings from Sandy Cove

Yes, there is wireless after all!

I have a short break before the morning session begins for the annual Truro Women's Retreat here at Sandy Cove, Maryland. We've gathered here for a weekend of teaching, worship, fellowship, and fun. Getting here was rather challenging - the Washington Beltway will filled with Friday afternoon smashes, but with the Rev. Sue Hardman driving, we got here in one piece with lots of great conversation and laughter.

I'm looking forward to this surprising weekend-away. I took this morning this morning with the LG Lotus of the Chesapeake Bay - it's so incredibly peaceful and still outside, but for the splashing tide against the rocks. Inside the conference center there are so many groups from all kinds of backgrounds and locations and ethnic and cultural groups here, but we all seem to have one thing in common, which lifts one's perspective - that there is so much more being accomplished than we ever hoped or dreamed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beeeeeaaaaauuuuutiiiful!
Thanks for the pics---wish I was there with you....
Is the General subbing for you tonight?
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

"The Rev. Sue Hardman"?! What's up with that - is Truro not an orthodox place? Is Truro not aware of the scripture prohibitions on women priests - not to mention two thousand years of church teaching and practice? Why does Truro not have a problem with that?

Unknown said...

Anon, put the pie down.

Truro is in line with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Uganda on this issue. This includes the Bishop of Rochester and the Bishop of Durham, as well as the Bishop of Central Florida and the Bishop of Pittsburgh - oh, and the Bishop of South Carolina and the Bishop of Dallas. Are we saying that all these men are not orthodox, not biblically sound? Are we saying that the Bishop of Ft. Worth and the Bishop of Quincy have laid down their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to be in fellowship and kin with men who are unorthodox, men who despise the scriptures?

I think not.

Mark 14:6

Anonymous said...

What about the Archbishop of Nigeria, the innumerable Archbishops/Bishops/Priests of the Roman Catholic Church, the Greek Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox, and numerous others...?! Ignoring scripture is a slippery slope - would think that the people of Truro would easily recognize that given all that's happened in TEC.

Unknown said...

Pancakes, Anon? Hope you didn't miss the Ball.