Thursday, February 12, 2009

BabyBlueOnline ranks in top ten of international Episcopal/Anglican news and commentary blogs

Thanks to all of you!

Peter Ould has done a fascinating analysis on the ranking of the Episcopal/Anglican news and commentary blogs from around the world. For daily traffic, we learn that BabyBlueOnline is #8 in the Top Ten of the Alexa Traffic ranking of major Anglican blogs (though he throws in the official TEC site as well, it would be interesting to know how the TEC blog is actually doing).

How could that happen? Well, it's all of you (Anons as well - stay tuned for the Annual Anons Ball coming up soon!) who drop by the cafe and grab your cup of chai and catch on the latest before sailing back into your life.

We get a little bit of Dylan and Potter traffic through, but the vast majority comes through via the main subject of this blog, the Anglican Communion.

I suspected that something was up when I checked the stats and saw that the cafe was getting 1,000 hits a day. Don't really know when that started happening. Got completely blown away, though, when this little video recently hit 18,000 hits on YouTube. We're no where near this one - probably our favorite YouTube video of all time. But it was a big surprise, nonetheless.

Nevertheless, please check out Peter Ould's postings here. And enjoy your chai and butterbeer on the house!


Václav Patrik Šulik said...

Hey, congrats - that's awesome.

BTW, I found out that I outrank Integrity USA and I'm down to posting about every other month: has a traffic rank of: 3,390,714

(I don't do TEC/AC stuff, except occasionally).

Anonymous said...

Congrats, BB! You deserve it as yours is one of the few blogs I read regularly.


Amy said...

Congratulations! I'm not a frequent commenter but I read daily (at the very least) on my google reader -- not quite the same, well, atmosphere but your blog is my favorite place to read about news & commentary from around the Anglican Communion!

Perpetua said...

Congratulations! Your site is terrific.

I hope Peter+ updates his list and includes me, too. My Alexa rank is 370,959.

Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Well done, BabyBlue.