Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Practicing Buddhist elected Episcopal Bishop of Northern Michigan?

No, I kid you not.
The bishop-elect had been “drawn into the Christian-Zen Buddhist dialogue through centering prayer and his desire to assist persons in their own transformation in Christ. As many of you well know, he has practiced Zen meditation for almost a decade. Indeed, with marvellous hospitality, the Buddhist community welcomed him in his commitment to a meditation practice as an Episcopal priest (in a process known by some Buddhists as ‘lay ordination’),” the diocesan statement said.
Read it all here. Tip of the Tinfoil to Greg at SF.


Brad Miter said...

I fail to see much difference between 'Lay Ordination' as a Buddhist and considering oneself both Christian and Muslim. At least the latter can get you suspended from the priesthood by the Bishopof R.I.

cadwopper said...

It always seems that they have to destroy language. Creeds don't really mean what they say. Religious lables are stripped of any definition, and therefore, any meaning. Once that's done, they can claim whatever lable without any logical inconsistencies, because they've, in effect, gotten rid of logic. (I'm obviously not paying enough attention to the "spirit" of the thing.)