Monday, February 23, 2009

Blast from the Past: Bob Dylan accepting his Oscar at the 2001 Academy Awards

Bob Dylan accepts his Academy Award (which continues to travel around with him from show to show, duck-taped to his amp on stage), the Oscar for Best Original Song for Things Have Changed in 2001.

And here's his performance of that song, live via satellite from his Australian tour earlier that same night:


Anonymous said...

I remember watching that live and wondering how it was that Dylan was physically presented with his Oscar at that time, with him on the road. It seemed like that occurred and so the MPA must have sent the statue in a locked case. However, watching this video you can see at the end of his speech that he had a card in his hand, not the actual statue, so he must have been sent it later. Obviously, carting a statue all the way to Australia, even in a locked case, would have violated the MPA's strict secrecy rules.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Did you notice, too, that over the closing credits at last night's (2009) Academy Awards, during the "upcoming releases" montage on TV, they played a cool (and recent) cover version of "Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat"?

Unknown said...

Yes (see the end of the post below this one), and one wonders if it was an editorial comment by those-in-the-know or if they really understood the words when they picked it! It was definitely a highlight! And great version too!