Friday, February 06, 2009

Bishop Duncan issues statement on the Primates Alexandria Communique

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We are thankful for the time spent by the Primates of the Anglican Communion in wrestling with tragedies confronting all God’s children, among them the situations in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Gaza, and in the global economic crisis. The suffering in these situations is tremendous and commands the prayerful attention of every Christian.

In North America, though the immediate temporal circumstances are in no way as severe as those in other regions, the spiritual consequences of innovations in Faith and Order are staggering. We are thankful for the many Primates (and Provinces) who continue to stand with those of us in North America who are attempting to remain faithful amidst vast pressures to acquiesce to beliefs and practices far outside of the Christian and Anglican mainstream. We appreciate what was clearly an extensive discussion of the North American situation within the whole of the Primates Meeting. We are also grateful for the public recognition by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Windsor continuation group of the desire of the “coalition” (the Common Cause Partnership) constituting the new Anglican Church of North America “to be Anglican and to be in relationship with the Anglican Communion.”

There is honesty in the written Communiqué concerning “our damaged and fractured relationships,” and recognition that the fabric has been torn. There is yearning for “accountability,” even “robust accountability.” Those of us in the Common Cause Partnership who live face to face with the stark realities of unjust depositions, lawsuits, and forced evictions from church buildings and homes are acutely aware of the need for resolution. We are committed to help the process however we can. We are aware, however, that the innovations, punitive lawsuits, and abuses of the Episcopal Church continue to take a toll. They proceed unrepentant and undeterred. We of the Common Cause Partnership and the emerging Anglican Church in North America will do our part for the good of the Anglican family we value so much.

The vision of a biblical, missionary and united Anglicanism in North America – indeed in all the world – is undiminished among those who bear the vision. The coming together of the Common Cause Partnership into the Anglican Church in North America will proceed. Our commitment to our missionary partners all around the world will continue. Already larger than twelve Provinces of the Anglican Communion, we will work together in koinonia with all who are willing to work with us. We are trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ, trusting that our commitment to the mainstream of the gospel witness will soon enough result in confirmation of our rightful place within the mainstream of the Anglican family.

The Rt. Rev'd Bob Duncan is the Moderator for the Common Cause Partnership and bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

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In other words, we'll just bide our time while the Episcopalians continue their self-immolation at GC09.