Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Lease: The 815 Cafe

Looking for updates today and discovered that the 815 Cafe (which is designed to share a space with the official Episcopal Church bookstore) is now listed under "New York Restaurants For Lease."

It looks like it was listed at least as of Feb. 10th. Are you in the restaurant business? Want to share your culinary delights with the official TEC bookstore? Here's your chance!

The advertisement reads:

Midtown East

815 Second Avenue
New York, New York 10017
County: New York

Property Description:
1200 s.f. cafe shares space with 400 s.f. bookstore in the ground floor of the Episcopal Church Center at 815 Second Avenue (43 St.). The Center is a completely renovated 11-story building. The cafe is completely set up for immediate occupancy including wireless internet. The Center hosts many functions for the United Nations, and there are numerous opportunities for catered affairs. Office Building has no cafeteria other than ground floor cafe.

Location Description:
Cafe is located between 43rd and 44th street on Second Avenue, just two blocks from Grand Central Station. Several adjacent eateries have enjoyed many years of success on this busy block with continuous pedestrian traffic.

The listing says it has 1,200 square feet of retail/restaurant space that is available immediately.

The kitchen does look empty.


Anonymous said...

Let us get this word out to the Islamic community forthwith!!!

M said...

They don't list a rental cost, desired for the space?

I'll wager they won't be renting it any time soon. Restaurants, as well as many stores and businesses, even in good areas in NYC are closing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice set up for a little storefront Anglican Church startup. . .

Anonymous said...

The possibilities for menu items is too tempting. For example, a luncheon special to provide quick energy for the next lawsuit filing:

Heretical Hash
Beers Battered Fish
wirh reduced Endowment sauce

Schorified Canonoli