Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost in Canterbury - The Film

Last summer BabyBlue joined StandFirm's fearless bloggers, Matt Kennedy and Sarah Hey to take a break from the Lambeth Conference festivities and go out to dinner. It seemed simple enough - after all, Canterbury, England is not exactly the bright lights, the big city. But then again, we have three Americans driving on the wrong side of the road. Get your bag of popcorn and gingersnaps and join us as we are Lost in Canterbury.

Here's Part Two of this most unique tour of the historic city of Canterbury, England:


M said...

Oh my, did you all ever find out where you could park, and eventually be able to sit down and have a meal that night?

I enjoyed watching this, and remember bits and pieces of what we heard from all of you in attendance, especially remember a mention of getting lost. It is kind of disconcerting over there. Watching the area you were driving through, it put me most in mind of parts of Taunton, Massachusetts, at least at street level.. then again some parts don't. The painted street lines, the crooked ones would distract me, that's just the feeling I got when I saw them. I think you all did much better than I would have.

I also remember enjoying reading about your meeting the African bishop or priest on your last day there, and thinking how amazing it was, and how moving as well.

Anonymous said...

Re: part one -- Oh my gosh, you're going round and round in circles and it's making me carsick! (And I don't just mean the roundabouts.) Thanks for reminding me of why I prefer to drive (rather than ride) in the US or UK!

Re: part two -- I wanted to call out, "stop, and ask those people, those pedestrians!" (Well, maybe not that lady in the brown coat with the umbrella.) Aren't there signs? And aren't they in English? ;) Yes, Matt, kill "the voice!" LOL

thanks, BB! It was entertaining!

Unknown said...

Okay, I'm completely carsick now..but somehow it was worth it.

Peter M.

Peter O said...

As you know, Canterbury is my wife's home town and where her parents still live. If you'd only just come and asked us first we'd have told you not to bother driving in...

Unknown said...

Peter - a fine idea indeed. But ah, we would have missed the lovely tour of the ancient city! And her parking lots.

It was a lovely metaphor though of the Lambeth Conference - one can watch the conference, but then one can live it out on the streets of Canterbury, engaging in - as Matt puts it so well - our generous circles.