Tuesday, May 05, 2009

URGENT: Send AnglicanTV's Kevin Kallsen to the Anglican Counsulative Council Meeting

BB NOTE: I just received this urgent message from Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV. Anglican TV's videographer assigned to the Anglican Consultative Council meeting now underway has been refused press credentials and so he is going to need to go down there himself as soon as possible.

Here is Kevin's message:

If you haven't heard the news, there is a lot happening at the ACC meeting in Jamaica this week. I have a volunteer videographer on-site for AngilcanTV. However because of all the political turmoil the Anglican Communion Press office is refusing to accredit him.

Therefore I need to raise funds today and tomorrow to be in Jamaica this Friday thru Tuesday next week. It is $400 for the plane ticket and around $500 for hotel. That is a total of $900 I need to raise in about 24 hours.

If I raise $10 from every Friend of AnglicanTV I could go. However, I know this is probably beyond the means of ATV viewers in this recession. So I am asking if your churches may have financial resources to help with ATV Travel this week.

Please Donate at http://www.anglicantv.org/donate or email me at anglicantv@gmail.com. If you are sending a check please email me the amount so I can budget the amount into the trip.

Sharing His Victory,

Kevin Kallsen

Learn more about donating today by clicking the button below:


Sibyl said...

Thanks for letting us know about this. I am glad to help. The unlawfulness in TEC and the wider Communion must be documented.

It felt good to donate to help fund Kevin's trip and Anglican TV. I have been encouraged and informed by ATV's great coverage and it was good to give back.

tjmcmahon said...

Paltry contribution is on the way, wish I could send more.

Anonymous said...

Now, is there anywhere we could donate to buy a plane ticket for ++Henry Orombi and ensure that Kevin has something worthwhile to put on TV.

Unknown said...

The thought of the Archbishop of Uganda - who has tangled with Idi Amin in his past - walking into that gathering would be worth perhaps us all getting on a plane and going to Jamaica.


Anonymous said...

does Kevin know for sure that they'd admit HIM?

Unknown said...

I can't imagine that they wouldn't. He's been to Lambeth, General Convention, and the New Orleans House of Bishops just as I have - plus two Primates meetings on top of that and then everything else he's done in between. I can't imagine he won't get press credentials.


Grandpa Dino said...

Small contribution to Kevin has been sent. Blessings to him for this work.

tomcornelius said...

The check-oops, we're Anglicans-cheque is in the mail. Happy to be able to help.

Unknown said...

You all are awesome. Kevin has bought his air tickets. He's now raising funds so he won't have to sleep on the beach! ;-)

I also understand that he has indeed been granted accredited press as well.