Saturday, May 09, 2009

Star Trek is out of this world

As many regulars here know, I've been a Trekker nearly all my life. Tonight I saw the new film for the second time (yes, I was at the late night preview on Thursday evening) and I loved it. I don't want to do spoilers and so mum is the world, er word. You can read the abundance of positive reviews over at RT (looks like they found a few icky ones to take down the 100% Fresh that was there up to at least yesterday). Still, it's 96% Fresh and one of the best films of any genre I have seen in years.

The ingenious way of "refreshing" the series is truly remarkable - and it works, on so many levels. It's so Star Trek. And that's the thing about this film - it's the best of Trek.

NOTE: was selected to be an official Star Trek "webmaster" by Paramount back in November, so it's given me access to very cool stuff. Thanks, Paramount! You rock!

So, here's some more fun stuff:


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KC said...

Darn! I was just going to call you & see if you wanted to go see it with me.
Glad to hear it gets a fellow trekie's approval!

Unknown said...

Call me - I'll go! ;-)