Friday, May 08, 2009

Confusion breaks out on the floor of ACC-14

5:22 UPDATE: Apparently it's not over yet. In direct contrast to the method by what the ACC passed their resolution on the Windsor Continuation Group, chaos reigned during the debate on the Anglican Covenant. It's difficult exactly to explain what happened - precisely because, unlike the way Bishop Peter James Lee runs Virginia's Annual Council , God bless him, no one knows what they are voting. There's no review of the text so that people understand what they are doing.

The attempt to take out Section IV was defeated. But through a rather unbelievable series of maneuvers from the Episcopal Church and its allies (word has it Schori was beaming like a Cheshire cat at the end) the initial "clauses" were amended in such a way as to take Section IV right out of the official ACC resolution on the Anglican Covenant.

Then there was an attempt to just dismiss and that was that. Only, it appears that only the amendments were voted on, not the clauses. I know I kept waiting for the clauses to be read as they were in the earlier voting and it never happened.

TEC & Allies are attempting to get Section IV booted - and if can't just be blasted off the planet, well, then it will be sent to the infamous Joint Standing Committee which seeks to replace the authority of Lambeth, the Primates Meeting, and the ACC. What happens then is the entire Anglican Communion is run by a Central Committee - which is how political parties are run.

As you can see in the video at 5:30 (and I'm about to go to a press conference - update: Press Conference cancelled ...) they are still on the floor trying to figure out what to do now. You can see the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Peterson, Gregory Cameron, Kenneth Kearon and others standing in a circle caucusing.

This is an excellent time to pray.

5:42 - Looks like they have a plan. The issue appears to be over Amendment C.

It's time to honor the Global South where the Gospel goes where angels fear to tread and quit this western political maneuvering - it's heartbreaking to watch. Shame, shame, shame, shame.

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