Sunday, May 10, 2009

On the Air: Recording of Friday's ACC-14 Press Conference

Listen to all - it makes for a fascinating, if somewhat chilling look inside the workings of the ACC.

Here is our latest updated photo montage of events this past week in Jamaica, with some assistance from the Cafe's Bard:


Sibyl said...

BB, Wondered if you, being versed in parliamentary procedures, would agree with this comment, a summary and estimate of the dishonest dealings in Jamaica at MCJ:

" Nevin says, May 10, 2009

“The representatives of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) decided on May 8 that the Ridley Cambridge Draft of an Anglican covenant needs more work before it can be presented to the communion’s provinces for adoption.”

A complete and total lie. There was NEVER a vote by the ACC that made this decision. This decision was made behind the scenes by Williams and Aspinwall in consultation with TEC.

“The council had originally been asked to send the entire text to the provinces for adoption.”

Yes, and the chair refused to allow a vote on this resolution. The ACC representatives were never given a chance to vote on it.

“The members agreed 33-30 (with two abstentions) to ask for more work on Section Four.”

Another complete and total lie. The members only voted to amend the resolution in this way. Once the resolution was amended NO VOTE was ever taken on the actual resolution. If a vote had been allowed it would have been soundly defeated, just as the Resolution A was soundly defeated. As amended this resolution was simply offering Resolution A all over again. But no vote was allowed and the chair simply ruled that the resolution “as amended” was passed without a vote ever being made on it.


Sibyl said...

The ACI has posted their response to the meeting here: