Friday, May 29, 2009

And your little dog too ... An Episcopal Bishop sharpens the knives for the Diocese of Ft. Worth

Greg's got the scoop over at SF. Click on the graphic to read the form letter from the appointed Shadow Bishop in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Read the latest defrockings by another shadow bishop appointed in Fresno, CA here. How're ya'all feeling there in Peoria and Pittsburgh?

Seems like it's a good time to run the 2009 General Convention Theme Song again.
If it ain't Ubuntu, it's all good.


Anonymous said...

To Lamb and Gulick,
Neither of you are valid bishops for the fraudulent dioceses set up by KJS. Neither of you have the authority to dismiss any clergy from either of those dioceses. Neither of you have any authority at all cross borders to take control of any other bishops diocese. The Canon law of the Council of Ephesus forbids this. As you both of done this, you both have automatically deposed yourself from the ranks of the clergy.

ettu said...

Sometimes these shenanigans remind me of the loving mother who is watching a parade and proclaims to others 'Isn't it a shame all the others cannot keep in step with my son?" Really who is out of step - the one camp or the other- come on be real if one leaves then one leaves and it is disingenuous to keep using the term "shadow bishop" - they both have followers - don't be so petty - it is not becoming