Saturday, May 23, 2009

Archbishop Orombi explains why a new Anglican Province in North America is necessary

A must-watch.


Dale Matson said...

Archbishop Orombi "can you understand where the A.C. is headed based on the ABCs presidential address at the ACC?"
"We have lost hope in the Covenant"
"Why is there growth in our churches?" "People are hungry for the word of God." "The Gospel is being preached." "We are reaching out to Muslims." "If the appetite is not there, it is something that should be cured." "We will pray for the next ABC to be a man of God" "ACNA is supported by 40 million Anglicans."
This is the church on the march!

Alice C. Linsley said...

May God bless and protect his godly Bishop!

Martha said...

Boy. Where would we have been if they had not been willing to pastor us in the interim...? An amazing man of God! I thank God for this man and all the others in Africa, etc., who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us to defend and preach the gospel!

Keith Bramlett said...

Thanks for posting this video. It was great to watch it live and I'm glad that those who couldn't be with us at Anglican Men's Weekend 2009 have a chance to see this giant of a leader speak plainly on the crisis in the Anglican Communion. May his last 5 years as Primate be even more fruitful than his first 5 for the Kingdom.