Saturday, May 02, 2009 emerges from the dust

Here it is friends - we'll be tweaking and having some fun over the next few days, but is pretty much back up with it's fresh new paint. You can see we've had a major change, though it wasn't exactly planned to happen today - but we've been thinking about it for quite a while. So, here it is!

The first thing is the major request from our regulars and I hope you can see we heard you! We've gotten through our Sylvia Plath apparently (see former design). The point is, it's not dark yet.

I am still working on the links over in the right column and if I've left off your blog or website off either the Cafe Bulletin Board (websites) or The Regulars (blogs) please let me know. I had to recover the links from the sacred google cache and I may have overlooked something. Also, if you want me to add your webpage or blog, please let me know in the comments or drop me an e-mail.

Again, if you have comments or suggestions - let me know. This is a work in progress!

Thanks for those of you who have been sending encouraging messages here, on Facebook, and Twitter and emails, and those who have been praying on the sidelines. I was fairly petrified as I was working. But it seems to be in order - welcome to the cafe! All the butterbeer and chai and pies and pancakes and pints of Rochester and Old Ogden's Fire Whiskey are all on the house. Party on!

Sir Georg Solti conducts the closing of Beethoven's 9th Sympany London Philharmonic Orchestra in at the BBC Proms in September 1986.And I thought my day was challenging - this takes the cake! If you can, watch the entire performance, it's amazing.


Perpetua said...

Hi babyblue,
Congratulations on the changes.
I'd love to be included as the Regulars list.

Unknown said...

Done! ;-)

M said...

I love it. White background, very clean layout. Great job, Mary!

James said...

Great restyling, BB. I like this A LOT better.

RMBruton said...

Congrats on a job well-done. Everything looks nice and clean. It will take a few days of tuning-in to recognize where I am, but changes are always like that.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Mary, This is so readable and fresh. I really like it and look forward to reading many more of your excellent postings.

TLF+ said...

...yet for all these accumulated associations, with whatever is sweet, and honourable, and sublime, there yet lurks an elusive something in the innermost idea of this hue, which strikes more of panic to the soul than that redness which affrights in blood. This elusive quality it is, which causes the thought of whiteness, when divorced from more kindly associations, and coupled with any object terrible in itself, to heighten that terror to the furthest bounds. Witness the white bear of the poles, and the white shark of the tropics; what but their smooth, flaky whiteness makes them the transcendent horrors they are? That ghastly whiteness it is which imparts such an abhorrent mildness, even more loathsome than terrific, to the dumb gloating of their aspect. So that not the fierce-fanged tiger in his heraldic coat can so stagger courage as the white-shrouded bear or shark. Herman Melville, Moby Dick , Ch. 42

Undergroundpewster said...

Oh Tim,
What would I expect from a guy with a blue background on his blog?

B.B., thanks for making your blog more readable!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE stay with the black type on white background. It is getting harder for my macular degenerating eyes (still moderate) and one with a cataract starting to see grey on black and similar combinations.

I'm looking forward to seeing the full performance of the 9th tomorrow after church.

Brad M

Unknown said...

Love the Melville quote - I think that makes my day. Thank you all. Thought a long time about white, liked other blogs I saw with white - noticed that many of the news organizations are going that way - and so, well, here we are.

How about that Kentucky Derby?


Unknown said...

Was offline all weekend, so am just now finding out about the big change. I like it! Glad you survived the process.

I love your list of regulars. Looks like I've got a lot of blogs I need to visit.

Thanks for including Lent & Beyond!


Anam Cara said...

I LOVE the new look! The blue dress is especially flattering. And the yellow gloves totally finish the look.

You may encourage me to do some spring cleaning here myself.