Monday, May 11, 2009

The Dean of Nashotah House writes the Archbishop of Canterbury

From here:
A letter to the The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Rowan Williams,
Archbishop of Canterbury:

Your Grace,

A statement released today by Professors Christopher Seitz, Philip Turner, and Ephraim Radner, and Attorney Mark McCall states: "Friday’s session of the Anglican Consultative Council is an embarrassment to Anglicans everywhere, and a sad display of procedural confusion."

I would go further than saying "procedural confusion." It is, as reports from Professor Stephen Noll and others are calling it: PERFIDY. It is a betrayal of every Anglican who has looked to the Covenant process to bring desperately needed order to our life as a Communion.

I urge you to take note of the two recommendations made by Prof. Seitz, et al in their statement:

(1) This issue must be re-visited immediately by the ACC and voted upon in a lawful and proper manner during this meeting. The alternative is moving forward with lasting questions as to the legitimacy of the entire process.

(2)An explanation must be offered by those in charge of these proceedings, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chairman of the ACC, as to how such manifestly improper procedures were permitted to unfold from the outset of Friday’s session and, indeed, of ACC-14 itself.

If lawful and proper action on the Covenant is not forthcoming from this meeting of the Council, the only appropriate response is for the Churches of the Communion to begin themselves the process of adopting the Ridley Cambridge Text."

It is painfully obvious to observers in many quarters that the continuation of the Communion depends on your actions in this matter.

Respectfully yours in Christ,

The Very Rev. Robert S. Munday, Ph.D.
Dean and President
Professor of Systematic Theology
Nashotah House Theological Seminary
Dean Munday writes: Let the Archbishop of Canterbury know your opinion! You can do it here. The Very Rev. Robert S. Munday, Ph.D., is Dean and President of Nashotah House, as well as Professor of Systematic Theology. Nashotah House is a seminary of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion of Churches.


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Good luck with that, Dean Munday and ACI.

Observer said...

Sadly....people who have not wanted to believe that the ABC has been delaying and stalling these last 6 years in the interests of TEC and against the views of the majority of the Communion, now have to wake up and smell the surprise, remeber he supports behaviour incompatible with scripture....why did anyone ever expect more from him?