Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TEC publishes a list of Anglican Communion "guests" attending General Convention

The list includes:

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of Brisbane, Bishop Suheil Dawani of Jeruselem, Bishop Jonathan Hart of Liberia, Archbishop Frederick Hiltz of Canada, Archbishop Henri Isingoma of the Congo, Kenneth Kearon of the Anglican Communion Office, Archbishop Paul Kwong of Hong Kong, Presiding Bishop Solomon Jongmo Yoon of Korea, Bishop Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu of Japan, Bishop Jonathan Hart of Liberia, Bishop Mauricio J.A. de Andrade of Brazil, and Canon Grace Kaiso of CAPA, and of course, Rowan Williams of Canterbury - along with some international clergy and provincial secretaries. Archbishop Daniel Deng Bull of the Sudan is also listed, but with lots of question marks.

Here is a complete list:

Nerva Luisa Aguilera, Cuba
Daniel Allotey, Ghana
Philip Aspinall, Austrailia
Samuel Robert Azariah, Pakistan
Fedele Diorkpa Balufuga, Congo (by Louisiana)
Martin J. Barahona-Pascasio, IARCA
Daniel Deng Bul, Sudan
Albert Chama, Central Africa (by California)
Suheil Dawani, Jereuslame
Mauricio J.A. de Andrade, Brazil
Fracisco de Assis da Silver, Brazil
Anthony M. Eiwuley, W. Africa
Paul Freheley, Canada
Jonathan Hart, Liberia
Frederick J. HIltz, Canada
Henri Isingoma, Congo
Indris Jones, Scotland
Grace Kaiso, CAPA
Baoping Kan, China
Kenneth Kearon, ACO
Joachim Hyeaon Ho Kim, Korea
Peter Douglass Koon, Hong Kong
Mom B. Kpartor, Liberia
Floyd Lalwet, Phillipines
Edward P. Malecdan, Philippines
Valentine Mokiwa, Tanzania (by Arizona)
Hector Monterroso, IARCA
Bernard Ntahoturi, Burundi (by Colorado)
James Ochiel (Kenya)
Habacuc Ramos-Huerta, Mexico
Daniel Sarfo, Kumasi
Kenneth Saw, Myanm
Johannes Seoka, Pretoria
Miguel Tamayo-Zaldivar, Cuba
Carlos Touche-Porter, Mexico
JOanna Huda, Lambeth
Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu, Japan
Rowan Williams, Canterbury
Solomon Jongmo Yoon, Korea


Jeremy Bonner said...

Henri Isingoma is actually Archbishop-Elect of the Congo. He celebrated at Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh on July 3 after what sounds like a truly hellish journey and gave a to-the-point sermon in which he apologized for the fact that English was ONLY his FIFTH language! You wouldn't guess it to hear him. I hope he and his wife are holding up after their travels.

James Manley said...

James Ochiel of Kenya is my bishop and thoroughly orthodox.

Daniel Weir said...

I though orthodox was, like unique, an adjective that can't be modified.