Sunday, July 19, 2009

Integrity calls Episcopal General Convention a "virtual clean sweep"

In case there is any doubt, Integrity president and TEC deputy Susan Russell calls the Episcopal General Convention a "virtual clean sweep" of their goals to "move the Episcopal Church beyond B033" and "move the Episcopal Church forward on the blessing of same sex marriages and unions."

Integrity sees their goals accomplished in the following resolutions passed by the General Convention in Anaheim:
C056 – Authorizes “generous pastoral support” for blessing marriages, unions & partnerships and collection of liturgical resources for consideration at GC2012
C048 – Urges support of fully inclusive ENDA legislation pending in Washington
D012 -- Support for Transgender Civil Rights
D025 – Supports inclusive ordination processes for ALL orders of ministry
D032 -- Non-discrimination clause including gender identity and gender expression for lay employees
D076 -- Support for immigration equality for gay couples
D090 -- Church paper work to be made more accessible to flexibility in gender identity and pronoun preference
In addition, C023, which calls on ALL Episcopalians to support the repeal of the “Defense of Marriage Act” (which recognizes the standard that marriage is between a man and woman) "passed in Deputies and was referred by Bishops to Executive Council," writes Susan Russell, "where we expect affirmative action will be taken to take the voice of the Episcopal Church to Washington." This would be despite the conscience of many Episcopalians who do believe in the biblical standard that marriage is between one man and one woman.

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Anonymous said...

We won!, We won! echoes the message of Integrity through the steadily emptying churches of TEC.


Anonymous said...

One could say it's an "empty" victory.

We'll see how great this all worked out in three years when we can say, "We told you so".

Lord have mercy!

Heritage Anglicans said...

I drove past the local Episcopal church this morning around the time that it normally has its principal service. Its parking lot is usually full. This particular church is normally well-attended as it is located in a university town. I saw only four cars in the parking lot. Since it is the summer, I wondered if the church had changed its service schedule. On the other hand, it could have been fallout from Anaheim.

Bob said...

In the flurry of "sweeping" legislation I can't remember if the changes to the disciplinary canon included the infamous "And any other reason" was passed. If it was and you combine it with Integrity's expectation that "affirmative action will be taken" I am wondering if there will soon be a time when a bishop who speaks in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act or fails to be affirmative enough for Integrity's tastes will be brought up on "abandonment of communion" charges. Nothing would shock me.

Dale Matson said...

"To the victor belong the spoils"
Senator William Marcy (1831)

Bob said...

Dale, that works for the world but it is no way to run Christ's Church...

Andy said...

Truly, a Pyrrhic Victory if ever there was one.

Hening said...

There's an old chestnut about when Christ plants a church, Satan builds a chapel next door. It looks like Satan has moved into some of the main buildings.

Abortion promotion, gender confused clergy, Gay social engineering and the attack on biblical marriage all under one roof. Sounds like hell on earth to me.