Friday, July 17, 2009

Signatures on the Anaheim Statement

  1. The Rt. Rev James Adams, Western Kansas
  2. The Rt. Rev Lloyd Allen, Honduras
  3. The Rt. Rev David Alvarez, Puerto Rico
  4. The Rt. Rev John Bauerschmidt, Tennessee
  5. The Rt. Rev Peter Beckwith, Springfield
  6. The Rt. Rev Franklin Brookhart, Montana (Voted Yes on D025)
  7. The Rt. Rev William Frey, Rio Grande
  8. The Rt. Rev Dorsey Henderson, Upper South Carolina (Voted Yes on D025 and C056)
  9. The Rt. Rev John Howe, Central Florida
  10. The Rt. Rev Russell Jacobus, Fond du Lac
  11. The Rt. Rev Don Johnson, West Tennessee (Voted Yes on D025)
  12. The Rt. Rev Mark Lawrence, South Carolina
  13. The Rt. Rev Gary Lillibridge, West Texas
  14. The Rt. Rev Edward Little, Northern Indiana
  15. The Rt. Rev William Love, Albany
  16. The Rt. Rev Bruce MacPherson, Western Louisiana
  17. The Rt. Rev Alfredo Morante, Litoral Ecuador (Voted Yes on C056)
  18. The Rt. Rev Henry Parsley, Alabama (Voted Yes on C056)
  19. The Rt. Rev Michael Smith, North Dakota
  20. The Rt. Rev James Stanton, Dallas
  21. The Rt. Rev Pierre Whalon, Convocation of American Churches in Europe (Voted Yes on D025 and C056)
  22. The Rt. Rev Paul Lambert, Suffragan-Dallas
  23. The Rt. Rev David Reed, Suffragan-West Texas
  24. The Rt. Rev Sylestre Romero, Assistant-- New Jersey (Voted Yes on D025)
  25. The Rt. Rev John Sloan, Suffragan--Alabama (Voted Yes on C056)
  26. The Rt. Rev Jeffrey Rowthorn, Retired-Convocation of American Churches in Europe
  27. The Rt. Rev Don Wimberly, Retired-Texas

The Anaheim Statement text is here.


Unknown said...

How do these people vote for something, and then sign a protest against it?

Gator said...

The signatures of the quislings invalidates the impact of the whole thing. Blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

Only 17 out of 27 have voted consistently against the revisionism.

Dale Matson said...

I would maintain that the Anaheim Statement was not that different than what the revisionists had been saying. What in this statement couldn't be spun into something V. Gene Robinson or KJS couldn't sign?

Anonymous said...

Not one 'bishopess' in that list, not a one - hmm....