Friday, July 03, 2009

Second Life Anglicans focus on intercessory prayer for General Convention

News from the Anglican Ecumenical Society in Second Life:
The Anglican Ecumenical Society and other Anglicans in Second Life are sponsoring this week of special prayer partly because we believe the Internet is a new frontier in Christian ministry, and we believe that praying for each other is an essential part of that ministry.

The Anglican Ecumenical Society engages in collaborative online mission with people of different churches, while promoting the Anglican Communion's ecumenical principles: the Holy Scriptures as the “rule and ultimate standard of faith,” and the importance of faith as described by the creeds.

We hope that Episcopalians, Anglicans and other Christians will come together to pray online this week of July 9, 2009 during the General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

Why pray for the Episcopal Church General Convention?

• We can pray that God's will be done in TEC and GC
• We can pray for God's wisdom for leaders and laypeople in the church – that they discern better His will (Luke 11:11-13). God never acts contrary to His sovereign will, or what is best.
• This is also an opportunity for ACNA members to express their love for brothers and sisters in The Episcopal Church and faith in the sovereignty of God, despite the many tensions, and at a moment when many TEC members feel there is little love for them in the ACNA.

At the end of prayer time, we'll have a moment to say where we are located and what church we are affiliated with; this is a wonderful opportunity to express unity in the body of Christ which transcends individual church ties.

There will be opportunities to pray in web chat, in Second Life, and with Twitter. We are setting up some “cutting-edge” technology to allow people in web chat to pray together with those of us who are in Second Life. This will also be an opportunity to get something more of a feel of online ministry, and after we are done praying, to find out more about the AES and opportunities for serving Christ online.

Learn more here:
Read more here. More info on prayer opportunities for General Convention here.

You can connect with orthodox Anglicans on Facebook as well: in addition to joining the society in Second Life.

We are also celebrating that one of the leaders of the society is being ordained in the Church of England this weekend. Thanks be to God!

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Wilfried said...

Thanks so much for help raising awareness of this, BabyBlue. There's so much need for prayer for TEC, and GC is a very opportune time to do it.