Thursday, July 16, 2009

Live Blogging Thursday Evening Press Conference

For the record, I want to make it clear that I'm taking Real Sudafed, just for the record. Announcements are now underway. Press Conference will follow close of General Convention tomorrow.

Bishops from San Diego and Oklahoma are two of the briefer, as well as beputies from Central Florida, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico.

Bishops focused on voting rights of retired bishops and it was no concurred - the retired bishops continue to be able to vote in the House of Bishops. House of Deputies had voted to rescind their voting rights, but the House of Bishops did not concur.

The Bishops has also been listening to the sorrow over the ramifications of the budget which was passed today and will mean many loss of jobs. Rumors have been rampant here that staff are all ready being told they will be laid off, but the final deeds will not be done until General Convention concludes. There does seem to be sorrow in the hallways - but no connection between the crisis at hand the budget crisis.

Bishops also discussed the Anglican Communion and want the Anglican Communion to take part in the Episcopal processes. I wonder if TEC will target particular provinces to take part in the Episcopal processes toward same sex blessings and marriages and non-celibate gay ordinations and consecrations.

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Gesundheit! Hope you get feeling better, Mary!