Thursday, July 09, 2009

The House of Bishops declines invitation to join House of Deputies as 2006 Windsor Compliance Resolution B033 is revisited by GC deputies

It was learned this evening that, despite an earlier expectation to the contrary, the House of Bishops decided today not to join the House of Deputies as they revisit and possibly reconsider B033 which was originally passed in the closing hours of General Convention 2006 in response to the Windsor Report.


mousestalker said...

I guess this will be the drama of the Convention then.

Assuming the reconsideration of B033 dies in the HoB, what will be Integrity's next move?

And what waffle words will be used to allow same-sex blessing and/or marriages?

There really is a sort of peace in being the outsider looking in.

Creighton+ said...

This is what Kendall said we should watch for...the distance between the two houses.

I believe the house of bishops knows that if the HOD does what it wants to will only increase tension and further alienate people and more will leave.

There are three possibilities: keep the status quo and make no substantive changes, do something and as minimal as possible hoping it will not further estrange the EC from the AC, or go all the way..full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.....

We will see what path the EC will take.