Sunday, July 12, 2009

BabyBlue spotted hiding out in Disneyland

And we've got the film:

From what we're hear, she's been stuck on this ride for two days. Regular reports should resume on Monday, if we're able to convince her to get off the ride and return to the Convention Center. Stay tuned.


Keith Bramlett said...

You'll have to get off the ride before Tuesday midnight for Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

Glad you were playing! How were the crowds on a weekend?

Unknown said...

Wasn't sure riding Small World was playing ... ;-) Actually, the crowds weren't all that bad. We went very late in the afternoon. Managed also to be invited to a early screening of the new Harry Potter film today. So - ready to pick it all up again on Monday morning for the final stretch.


Anglican Beach Party said...

Hi BB ... Your post made me think of this song:

Dizz Knee Land, by Dada.

Kevin said...



Anam Cara said...

Ya, know, I like the song, and the ride seems like fun, but....

Oh, my gosh! Almost 10 minute of listening to that inside a "cavern"???? I think I'd go nuts! After 5 minutes I'd be itching to get back to GC09.

You certainly have something - tenacity? endurance? no sense of hearing?