Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday at the Cafe: Your Grace is Enough

Every so often there is a song that comes along that is just embraced by the community at Truro. It's as if the Lord writes it right into our DNA. The most recent one has been Days of Elijah. The latest one - a song that just seems to be that sort of song for us - is this one. It's originally composed by Matt Maher, who visited us earlier this year. Matt, who is Roman Catholic, demonstrates in this song that God has done and is doing amazing work to bring His people together. His grace is enough.


Jill C. said...

I like this. And I like the fact that there are Roman Catholics out there who believe that His Grace is enough. When I was growing up RC there was quite a concentration on works and penance and praying people out of purgatory.

Russ Rentler, M.D. said...

The Church has always believed as scripture states that we are saved by grace through faith. Without His grace we can do nothing on our own.
Yet we also know as Catholics that our faith without works is dead and so there is a cooperation between faith and works and they were never meant to be separated, as the body and the spirit can't be separated as James tells us. We can't be saved by good works alone, but we can't be saved by faith alone. As a matter of fact the only place in holy Scripture that puts "faith alone" together as a phrase is when James tells us we can't be saved by faith alone.
We need to move beyond the stereotyped view of Catholics and good works. I too left the Church as a young teenager not knowing anything about what the Church believes, but instead accepted the word of those who were very anti-Catholic. It turns out that what they told me was dead wrong.
If you get a chance, read the Catholic Catechism and what it says about works, penance and purgatory.