Sunday, April 06, 2008

TEC Division Continues: BIshop Howard Defrocks 22 Clergy

From here. There are great friends on this list of clergy who are now Anglican Clergy despite Bishop Howard's actions, another clear example that the Episcopal Church is falling into schism.

The Rev. David C. Allert, Priest
The Rev. Charles S. Bailey, Deacon
The Rev. Gary Blaylock, Priest
The Rev. Charles H. Colt, Priest
The Rev. Gilbert T. Crosby, Priest
The Rev. Mark Eldredge, Priest
The Rev. Travis Greenman, Priest
The Rev. Edwin C. Griswold, Priest
The Rev. George W. Hall, Jr., Priest
The Rev. Harald K. Haugan, Priest
The Rev. Dorothy Head, Deacon
The Rev. James L. Hobby, Priest
The Rev. Sharon S. Hobby, Priest
The Rev W. Hall Hunt, Priest
The Rev. Neil G. Lebhar, Priest
The Rev. Petrina A. McCarty, Deacon
The Rev. Lawrence E. O'Connell, Priest
The Rev. William Earl Palmer, Priest
The Rev. James M. Parker, Priest
The Rev. Shawn E. Porter, Priest
The Rev. Leonard Eugene Strickland,Priest
The Rev. George W. Stockhowe, Jr., Priest


Anonymous said...

A very important letter describing how terrible this really was is found here.

Anonymous said...

Ask anyone who has actually heard +Howard preach, and they'll tell you that he is an orthodox, Nicene-affirming bishop. To characterize him as a radical for inhibiting priests who have already left the Episcopal Church for other Anglican shores is unfair.