Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I CAN ...

An amazing video of a father and his son.

Philippians 4:13


Unknown said...

Just to say, kinda needed a really good cry today and this did it. When we are weak, then we are strong.

And we know that our Redeemer lives.


Kevin said...

If you ever want to be challenge yet get a taste of Heaven, volunteer with a disability ministry.

So often, we want God to just deliver us. In the property suits I bet you'd think it nice if you have victory today and could move on, a lost job or cancer, a new one quickly or instant healing. I know in my life, I want instant resolutions. I don't want the nights of tears and begging until I give up in surrender. I don't want the struggles.

Yet, it is when we take on the suffering in His straight that we are changed and we reflect Him. We all admire this dad, but I'll bet we don't want the same road. Yet, we can all see the mighty and beautiful work the Lord has done in this man.

Thankfully the Lord know better than us, the only time I've felt Heaven on Earth is setting into the environment of brokenness.

Kevin said...

straight = strength

Yet, it is when we take on the suffering in His strength that we are changed and we reflect Him.

(Firefox's spell checker is not always my friend)

Anonymous said...

I identify with the son in this video.

Annie said...

A very good cry indeed. Thank you.

Himself said...

Through the tears , again my father has touched my heart. Thank you!