Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Katharine Jefferts Schori now targets 80 year old retired bishop

BB NOTE: Doesn't she have anything better to do? Who is her advisor, anyway? Grima Wormtongue?

Here's the note from Keith Ackerman, Bishop of the Diocese of Quincy, with news of the Presiding Bishop's latest actions:

It is with deep regret that I must inform you of this action that has been taken against Bishop Edward MacBurney.

Bishop MacBurney's son, Page, died two days after this letter was signed.

We received the letter in the mail today, and I had to read it to Bishop MacBurney over the phone since he had not yet received it.

More to follow.

Bishop Keith L Ackerman SSC
Bishop of Quincy


Anonymous said...

This is the PB's adaptation of ethnic clensing. The goal is the total elimination of any who cling to the historic Christian faith.

She is lawless and her surrogates, emboldened by the suspension of the canons, are picking off those who are unable to fight back.


Kevin said...

What Ralph said!

Unknown said...

Actually the PB has confused canons with cannons but then what would you expect from the "new sheriff in town."

Unknown said...

From www.forwardinfaith.com

FiF North America
Forward in Faith North America reacts to the inhibition of Bishop MacBurney
Apr 9, 2008

“It is a sad day when godly bishops are no longer free to provide pastoral care for those beyond our formal institutional boundaries.” FiF NA President

Today the Right Reverend Edward MacBurney, the bishop retired of the Diocese of Quincy (Episcopal) received a Letter of Inhibition from Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church in the USA (TEC). The Inhibition forbids MacBurney from functioning as a bishop of TEC.

Last year MacBurney was invited by the Presiding Bishop & Primate of the Southern Cone, the Most Reverend Gregory Venables, to make a pastoral visit to a Southern Cone parish in San Diego, California, on his behalf. In a spirit of Anglican unity and Christian generosity, Bishop MacBurney agreed to respond to the pastoral needs of those outside TEC with whom TEC claims fellowship.

“This is an alarming move against a godly man who, without publicity, rightly helped a brother bishop provide care for his people,” said the Right Reverend Keith Ackerman, President of Forward in Faith NA and current TEC Bishop of Quincy (IL). This move against Bishop MacBurney is a clear warning that the leadership of TEC is endeavouring to bring the days of the biblically orthodox within TEC to a close. “Schori clearly has no intention to ‘live in tension with people who don’t agree with you about everything’ as she was quoted in Saturday’s interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune reporter, Sandi Dolbee. “While Schori extolled the imperative to worship together, her Inhibition is to prevent others from worshipping with Bishop MacBurney,” said Father Keith Acker who was also interviewed by Dolbee on Schori’s weekend visit to San Diego.

Internationally this is an attack upon the many world leaders of Anglican Churches (Primates) who have responded to the “burning house” of the ever increasingly post-Christian theology of TEC and its abandonment of the Bible as the Word of God in any meaningful sense.

Bishop MacBurney welcomes the opportunity to defend his actions from the scandalous neglect of Christian charity led by Katharine Jefferts Schori and the leadership of TEC. Bishop MacBurney will have 90 days to respond to the charges.

The Right Revd Keith L. Ackerman
President of Forward in Faith North America