Friday, April 25, 2008

Statement from the Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network

PM UPDATE: Bishop Jack Iker of the Diocese of Ft. Worth has posted at TitusOneNine which Episcopal bishops were present at the meeting:

San Joaquin
Western Kansas
Fort Worth
Central Florida
South Carolina

Bishop Robert Duncan, moderator of the Anglican Communion Network, has released a short statement at the conclusion of the meeting of Network diocesan bishops in Chicago on April 24.

“The diocesan bishop of every Network diocese, as well as a dean representing all the Network convocations, met together in Chicago on April 24. It was an extraordinarily productive meeting. As has happened so many times before in the Network’s five year history, deepened understanding and deeper unity, despite remarkably different contexts and strategies regarding the Episcopal Church, were the fruit of the meeting. The Network’s vision of a biblical, missionary and united Anglicanism was again affirmed and embraced,” stated Bishop Duncan.

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mousestalker said...

Episcopal bishop of San Joaquin or Anglican bishop of San Joaquin?

That may be important seeing as how the former has sued the latter.