Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A First

Today got reported to Blogger as spam. We kid you not. We do know, however, that Bob Dylan may have been the First Spammer (or perhaps the Father of Spam) when he published this. So perhaps it was to be expected.

Well, be that as it may, while we are still up and running, we have to jump through an extra hoop each time we publish our updates until Blogger gets it straightened out - which we are told will be soon. Other blogs are reporting that there was something odd going on today, so perhaps this is just more evidence of some sort issue facing the kind folks at Google. We're sending over a caseload of Butterbeer just in case they might need it. Hagrid stands by also if needed.

In honor of the Cafe Spam Attack (which hence forth we will always remember annually on April 30th, perhaps with a reading of this) we post the following. Enjoy - and let us not forget our Gin & Tonic with our spam, shall we? It's been quite a day.

1 comment:

Dr. Alice said...

I'm sorry to hear it. On the other hand, if the other side has to resort to underhanded tricks such as this, it makes it crystal clear that they haven't a leg to stand on (not that there was ever any real doubt about that). Followers of a committed, honorable cause do not resort to this sort of thing.

I hope your week gets better.