Monday, April 28, 2008

Lorne Coyle speaks to the congregation of Trinity Vero Beach (Diocese of Central Florida) on decision to leave The Episcopal Church

D. Lorne Coyle, rector of Trinity Vero Beach (Diocese of Central Florida) speaks to his congregation on the decision to leave the Episcopal Church, July 1. Listen to the whole thing here (click on the sermon for April 27, 2008). He talks about the change from the decision to remain with the property, to the change to leave the property after Bishop John W. Howe changed his mind.

Originally they had a settle of $5 million. Lorne reports that while Bishop Howe proposed the initial plan, he was the one that rejected it. He changed his mind. He had to "re-examine" his own stated position which caused him to have an "about-face" and reject the very plan he had offered.

The rector and vestry of Trinity decided not to sue for the property, but to leave quietly and peacefully - if all the parties agree. So far two out of the three parties have agreed: The Vestry of Trinity and the Executive Board of the Diocese of Central Florida. The final group to agree will be those who remain in the property as Episcopalians. They still need to organize and vote, which is scheduled to take place next Sunday.

The rest of the proposed agreement remains confidential until there is full ratification.

Listen to the whole thing here. Make sure you hear what Lorne says is the primary fiduciary duty of the clergy and leadership of a church. And please pray for this lighthouse church as they take the next steps.

The Vestry of Trinity, Vero Beach.


Tregonsee said...

It is nice to see a vestry picture where you can see their faces. Most have their heads stuck in the sand.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the sermon, though there were technical problems, and was so encouraged by the priorities and intentions set out by Lorne Coyle+

May the Lord continue to shower Fr. Coyle and those brave ones who stand firm and loyal to Jesus Christ and His Gospel...with peace and all blessings...light, truth, love, life, hope, power...that they may forever walk the fullness of Christ. Amen