Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Episcopal Bishop of Central New York Sues Blogger Matt Kennedy

Transfigurations has it all here. Here's an excerpt:
The Church of the Good Shepherd was a small struggling congregation when Bishop Adams took over the diocese as its new bishop. One of the first priests he ordained was Fr. Kennedy, who then went to Good Shepherd and raised it to be a vibrant congregation doubling its Sunday morning attendance. Since taking the church in Binghamton, Fr. Kennedy has acquired a reputation as one of the most widely read and respected commentators of church news in the Anglican Communion. Today, however, that same bishop who ordained him has sued his church, and refuses to even to acknowledge that Fr. Kennedy is a priest, referring to him as "Mr. Kennedy" in correspondence. In a cover letter to the summons, the lawyer for Bishop Adams likewise followed suit, and addressed the priest as "Matt Kennedy" and "Mr. Kennedy."
Read the rest here, and here, and here, oh - and here - and especially here. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, right Maddie? An extraordinary example that we are indeed facing a division of the first magnitude, as Virginia Judge Randy Bellows recently declared in his ruling.


Greg Griffith said...

I just want to note for the record... that photo of Matt makes it look like he's well over 6 feet tall, and has legs like Wilt Chamberlain, when in fact it's a trick of the camera's lens. That's actually standard 5"-high baseboard he's sitting against.

Rolin said...

Okay, so let's see some one-on-one streetball and see who gets the most hoops. Yes, Greg is taller, but my money is on Matt.
Br_er Rabbit