Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Praying for the Daughters of the King.

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Teddi Runyon said...

From: Teddi Runyon, President Agape Chapter, Fort Pierce, FL

Subject: The re-writing of the By-laws of the DOK.

This effort to re-write our founding laws is against all the basic principles that DOK was founded on. How dare someone try to politicize our order that is dedicated to prayer for the well-being of those who are in need and sometimes dire need!

Satan is indeed healthy and present in the midst of those minds behind this move. All the healing that has been done between denominations over the years is being attacked and erased. How Satan is smirking at his successes in trying to separate us not only from each other but from our Savior.

Would we insult the Lutheran community where it took us so long to develop a relationship of intercommunion and pastoral affiliation? The same goes for the Catholic community and the Methodist where we had just begun.

This attempt at revenge (for that is what it really is) for the separation of some parishes from TEC to join the Anglican Communion is UN-Christian! The bottom line of this movement is, "I’m getting back at you". How Christian is that, I ask? I am president of a DOK chapter in Florida that happens to be at a church still in TEC. Do the authors of this movement want to drive more parishioners away disgusted with our un-Christian-like actions?

We were founded as an INTERDENOMINATIONAL group for the purpose of prayer and service. That is BASIC. I refuse to believe that my sisters will adopt something so alien to our basic premises. Who are we to say that anyone is NOT allowed to say “Jesus, my King” in concert with others of the same dedication? WWJD?

These changes have possible far-reaching implications and repercussions that could reach far beyond our DOK Triennial Convention.

May God's peace be with us ALL.

Teddi Runyon,
President Agape Chapter
Fort Pierce, FL