Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Episcopal Community" propose replacement bylaws to expel non-TEC members from the Order of the Daughters of the King

UPDATE: It's been learned that the official bylaws of the Order of the Daughters of the King stipulate that any proposed amendments (or, as in the case of the "Episcopal Community," amendments to the amendments) to the bylaws must be presented to the chapters three months before the start of the Triennial. As I think all DOK members may attest, these massive changes to the bylaws have only been circulated in the last week by the "Episcopal Community." Triennial starts this week. What's up with that? Do they honestly think the bylaws do not apply to them? That can't be right. I honestly do not understand why these sisters want to expell their fellow sisters from the Order. This is not a club. We don't blackball members who have taken their vows before God and their rector. As a friend tonight at dinner said, "this is not Junior High."

Proposed bylaws being submitted by a faction called the "Episcopal Community" is seeking to expel the non-TEC members from the Order of the Daughters of the King.

The draft bylaws now being circulated in anticipation to next month's Triennial include entire sections of the current by-laws rewritten so that those non-TEC members who are in the Order now will be expelled from membership.

The draft reads, "All members must be women communicants of The Episcopal Church (hereinafter referred to as TEC, formerly known as the Episcopal Church of the United States of America) . At no time shall any non-TEC person have seat or voice or vote or hold office or serve as chaplain in TEC Daughters of the King."

In addition, the wearing of the Daughters of the King cross will only be granted to so-called "parallel structures" (separate but equal?) by explicit permission of the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church following a rigorous consent process of the Episcopal-only membership. "Non-TEC parallel Orders may ... apply to the full National Council of TEC Daughters of the King for a license to use the name, cross, and such other items as may belong to this Order," reads the Episcopal Community draft Article IV:I. "The decision of the National Council to grant such license must be ratified by the membership and consented to by the Presiding Bishop of TEC."

The rest of the bylaws are rewritten so to reflect the expulsion of the non-TEC Daughters, clarifying that no one who is not in TEC can be in the Order of the Daughters of the King. The entire Section IV on membership has been deleted and rewritten in this draft being circulated by the "Episcopal Community." If this attempt is successful, it would mean that the Anglican chapters, as well as Lutherans and Roman Catholics will all be expelled from membership in the Order.

This viewpoint is a far cry from what was experienced at the recent Province III Daughters of the King annual retreat which you may read more about here. More information on this attempt at expulsion may be found here. It does make the heart sad.

The Order of the Daughters of the King will hold their Triennial next month in Anaheim. Please, please, please pray for that gathering and for the witness of Province III and others who seek to hold the Order together and not break apart.


Anonymous said...

I'll say it again, Province III is an exception to the rule. It is a good model as to how DOK should be but is not and is only in Province III. We all have known this for far too long and have been fighting this battle and find that we are not able to focus on our vows when we are kept in a battle that is not of God.

Love In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Also BabyBlue,
What would they purpose to do with those ladies who have been in the Order of DOK for years as Anglicans, Lutherans, and Roman Catholics? Those who have faithfully paid their dues, worn their cross and upheld the two fold rules of the Order? Are they going to tell them to send back their crosses and reimburse those who have paid their life time membership fees? How do they purpose to handle those Daughters?
Also it would be interesting to hear from Province III as to what their thoughts are on these changes? What does Province III say about this since you re the exception to the rule.


Unknown said...

The President of Province III is currently a member of the Diocese of Pittsburgh under Bob Duncan, as is the official Province III chaplain. It would mean the expulsion of Carolyn Booker and The Rev. Huett Fleming, Jr., something, quite frankly, I cannot even begin to get my mind around and imagine. It's just unthinkable. May cooler heads prevail.


catharine ewart-touzot said...

As a daughter I am truly ashamed. I will not replace my lost Pin.

Ralinda said...

I'm still in TEC but should the Anglicans be "expelled" I will drop my DOK membership.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Blue:

It was wonderful to meet you in person in Plano at the Closing Eucharist. I am ashamed at the contingent from TEC which is attempting to revise the By-Laws. The model of Province III is one we should all endeavor to follow, but barring that as reality, I assure you that "Manny the Enforcer" will have to pry my precious DOK Cross from my cold dead fingers.

Grace and Peace!

Deacon Francie

Undergroundpewster said...

This is outrageous. The Lord is King of all, not the P.B. or T.E.C.

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Each day that I put on my DoK cross I am reminded of what the Latin inscription says: "With heart, mind and spirit uphold and bear the cross--For His sake." The action of the "Episcopal Community" makes my heart and the cross heavier but I will continue in His strength to keep my vows of prayer, service, and evangelism.

Geri said...

Mary, remember our discussion on the way back to Bedford from Plano? I knew they were up to no good. If they expel the Anglicans, Lutherans, and RC's, it will undo all that DOK is supposed to be about. The PB has never had power in DOK before. Why are they handing it over to her now?

Anonymous said...

As a DoK for over 30 years this is heart breaking to hear about. We even have an ex National President who is now an Anglican. She would be out too. This is so, so sad.