Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Breaking News: Orthodox Church in America breaks off ecumenical relations with The Episcopal Church

From The Living Church: Metropolitan Jonah will announce this morning that the Orthodox Church in America has ended ecumenical relations with the Episcopal Church and is establishing formal ecumenical relations with the Anglican Church in North America.


Bro. AJK said...

I've cross-linked you at my blog.

Tregonsee said...

So how long before TEC files suit for the OCA property?

Kevin said...


Anglican Beach Party said...

I am so glad about this.

ACNA must become greater; TEc must become less.

Ann McCarthy said...

He spoke this morning so well - we were on our feet several times. He promised that he'd probably offend all of us on one front or another, and he probably did. He said that there will be challenges - and he was absolutely clear about them - but it is up to us to face them and discuss them and work through them. Beginning in October at Nashota house there will be dialogue. These are incredibly exciting times.

Daniel Weir said...

I find it sad that OCA would decide that it don't continue to be in dialog with ECUSA. Dialog does not imply agreement and may lead to the discovery of areas of agreement that were unknown.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Fr. Daniel,
Dialogue for dialogue's sake is not scriptural and is inconsistent with the consensus patri. Met. +Jonah concluded (rightly IMO) that at least some of TEC's theological innovations and heresy are beyond the pale. In such circumstances dialogue is not appropriate. A call to repentance is.

What exactly is the point of dialogue? If its just a feel good exercise which seems to be the norm in modern ecumenism than one could make an argument for dialogue with anyone and everyone no matter how far they are from you. But true ecumenism is speaking the truth with both love and unvarnished clarity. That's what happened today at the ACNA convention and it was like a blast of fresh air after all of the warm fuzzy mush we have been subjected to for decades.

For an effective dialogue there must be some minimal commonality in terms of world view, theology and moral compass. None of that exists between Orthodoxy and TEC.

Under the mercy,