Friday, June 12, 2009

Steve Wood on site at the Alpha International Conference in London

Steve Wood is on site at Holy Trinity Brompton in London (transit strike and all!) for the International Alpha Conference. I attended an Alpha International Conference about ten years ago and loved it (I was the only American there, if you can believe it, and my pal for the week turned out to be the lone representative from Moscow) - and it's now exploded in growth - I mean exploded! 800 delegates - including at least 75 bishops - from over 100 countries. Steve posted a short clip from his second row vantage point behind a couple of Lutherans from the talk by Bishop N.T. Wright - who reminds us that it's still all about Jesus.

UPDATE: Here's Bishop Wright's full address:

Here is the address of the Bishop London who opened the conference.

More videos from the sessions are available here - and excellent resource!


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