Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breaking News: Anglican Church of Uganda recognizes the Anglican Church in North America

The Anglican Church of Uganda has now officially recognized the Anglican Church in North America and has transferred all their bishops and clergy to the ACNA, Bishop John Guernsey just announced to the ACNA Assembly in Ft. Worth.

This came just as the ACNA Canons were ratified on the floor. The ACNA Constitution was ratified yesterday.


RMBruton said...

I don't think this comes as any surprise to anyone. Will any of the foreign Primates follow-suit and literally transfer their bishops, clergy and parishes in North America to ACNA or how long will the apron strings be held onto? AMiA is still going remain a part of Rwanda, what about the others?

Jill C. said...

If I heard and understood correctly, there was at least one African province that did so. A representative read a letter to that effect this afternoon. (Can't recall exactly which primate it was from.)

Jill C. said...

BB, please delete my previous comment. Obviously I was thinking of Uganda. They did transfer their parishes, clergy, etc. (Brain is tired. I must find my bed!)