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Group of Episcopalians take aim at the Order of the Daughters of the King's Triennial Meeting

UPDATE: See below.

There are really no words. No words for this. It's quite a sad, sad article because it is actually reported that a group of Episcopal DOK (who attempted to break off and start their own Order at one point) are attempting to expel the non-Episcopal Daughters (and I supposed that would include those of us who remain Episcopalian in Anglican Chapters) from the Order.

It's interesting to see how this article is written, as though they are the ones being expelled, when in fact - it's quite the other way around.

There was a last-minute attempt to replace the current president of the Daughters of the King in Province III since she is a member of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, but that challenge was resoundingly defeated by the voting-membership at the last meeting of Province III. The great majority of the Daughters, Episcopalian and Anglican voted together to re-elect the Provincial president. It wasn't about politics, it was about service. We serve the King.

The Presiding Bishop may want to think about that. It's not about her, it's about the King.

It's interesting to see this strategy underway as the same group that set up this website is now attempting to expel Daughters from the Order, denying them their seats and votes in the General Assembly. Currently all Daughters are permitted to vote. All the Daughters will vote - unless this attempt to deny some of the Daughters their seat and vote in the General Assembly. This type of an article is so far from what we experienced at the Province III retreat it causes me to grieve.

What the article doesn't say is that the Daughters of the King is actually a separate 501(c)(3) organization, though the polity is a religious order, the legal structure is not within TEC. It is not officially part of the Episcopal Church structure. It has long enjoyed a very special relationship with The Episcopal Church and it was out of that relationship that Daughters reached across the divide to bring in others in the Order who recognize the historic episcopate. It was the vision of the Order to reach across the barriers and make peace. Those bridges have been built, forged by prayer and common service and a commitment to the Great Commission. It is about prayer and evangelism and service and that is not accomplished by a trick of pulling up the drawbridge and filling up the moat.

In fact, it is the vision of the Daughters of the King within the 501(c)(3) organization which was founded by a remarkable Episcopalian woman to reach out to denominations that recognize the historic Episcopate. The Daughters together will vote how they will move forward in mission.

The Order includes Episcopal members - but it is the Daughters who are in the Episcopal Church, not the Order. The structures are legally separate. The article gives the impression that the Order is within the structures of The Episcopal Church, but that is incorrect. It is a separate organization long affiliated with The Episcopal Church, but is it's own organization and a 501(c)(3) organization.

I don't know if the Presiding Bishop will continue to appoint a chaplain or not - that is for the Order to decide. But it is surprising to see this public display to hold on to power rather than pray for the Daughters to do what is good for the Order's mission. Why us that? She seems unwilling to allow the Daughters themselves to choose their chaplain - and why is that? What matters, what really matters is the mission - isn't it?

Isn't it?

The Order is not a drawbridge designed to keep selected sisters out. It is not a closed society. In fact, the Order is a bridge designed to bring more to Jesus. Jesus. Not Katharine Jefferts Schori or anyone else. I don't know why she's intervening rather than applauding the freedom to vote. It's not about her. It's about Jesus. We are Daughters of the King.

In Province III we have had an amazing experience of renewal and reconciliation at our annual retreats (read more about about the most recent one here), including the one this past May. Through the remarkable vision of one of the visionary leaders of Province III, the late Barbara Banks, we stepped away from trying to solve the current crisis through politics and instead fell on our knees in prayer. Barbara knew she didn't have much time left and she spent much of the last months of her life planning this spring retreat - a lasting legacy of a vision that we be made one, united in prayer in our bond in Jesus Christ.

We are Daughters of the King.

It is that vision that I pray will spread across this land - to the Presiding Bishop herself, it is my prayer, my hope for us all that we will embrace one another and not expel anyone - not the Anglican, or the Lutherans, or the Catholics, or the Episcopalian outside the walls. It is not about being Episcopalian - it's about being Daughters of the King.

Please join me and members of the Order as we pray that this earnest call for renewal will spread to Anaheim this summer when the DOK General Assembly will meet. We need to call this for what it is - and call on the Lord to break through and make us one.

Read more about the Province III retreat here. You can read more about the Daughters of the King at their official website here. You can see the website set up by a group of Episcopalians here.

I'm going to put this up again because this was our prayer, the prayer of the Province III Assembly of the Order of the Daughters of the King. It was Barbara's prayer. Come, Lord Jesus. May it be so!


The National Council of the Order of the Daughters of the King responds to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. The letter was received by the Presiding Bishop this morning:

June 18, 2009
The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
Episcopal Church Center
815 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Bishop Jefferts Schori:

Thank you for your thoughtful response to a letter from Ruth Annette Mills, of the Diocese of Nevada—a distinguished lady who has been a Daughter fifty years. She deserves respect and attention from all her sisters. Although I have not seen Ruth’s letter, your response indicates that she believes the Order of the Daughters of the King is proposing amendments that will cut its ties with the Episcopal Church. I am grieved that she has been misled by this idea. It is simply false, fueled by rumors and fears. Let me explain.

The Daughters have twice rejected a proposal to become ecumenical by allowing chapters in any denomination that practices Christian baptism. The first time, in 1997, the proposal was put forward by a committee that included two future presidents, Sue Schlanbusch and the late Joan Millard. After extensive debate, the proposal was decisively rejected. It was again put forward six years later, and tabled, with a request for a survey on the subject. The survey results were collected by the present chair of the bylaws committee, Lena Nealley. We know from reading the results that Daughters rejected the ecumenical option, and the committee has avoided that path. Instead the amendments seek to clarify the status of women who are already members under our present bylaws, and would still be members if none of the proposed amendments were adopted.

My shorthand description of the Order is that we are “Episcopal Plus”—that is, “distinctively Episcopal,” as the early handbooks phrase it, while continually planting chapters in sister Churches. The membership statistics reported at our last Council meeting listed the overwhelming number of members as Episcopalians: 25,145 of an estimated total 28,462. The next largest number is for overseas members, approximately 2500 Daughters in 15 countries. Their membership is not novel—the Order began founding chapters in Anglican churches overseas in the 19th century. When such chapters multiply in any particular country, they develop their own governing structure and leadership, and US Daughters continue to encourage them as much as we are able.

The recent fears and controversy revolve around the relatively small numbers of Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran chapters in the US: the October report listed 720, 97, and 18 members respectively, totaling less than 3% of the entire membership. As you may know, our present bylaws give chapters in Churches in the historic episcopate (other than those in the Episcopal church) the option of forming a national governing structure parallel to the Episcopal structure, just as overseas chapters organize when they have reached critical mass within their country. Although our bylaws have allowed Roman Catholic members since the mid-eighties, the expected growth in their numbers has not occurred, and they clearly are not able to organize as a national entity. A couple years ago the elected DOK leadership asked Anglican Daughters in the US to explore forming a national governing structure of their own, since it looked as if they might soon reach a number that would make that possible. They did explore that possibility and have rejected it in favor of forming a completely new Order with a different name for Anglican Daughters. A majority of our Anglican members will probably leave the Order in the coming year to join a new Order for Anglican women, unaffiliated with the Daughters of the King.

In short, far from receiving a flood of new members who might change the character of the Order, as some appear to think, we expect to say a sad goodbye to long-time members whose congregations have left the Episcopal Church. At the same time most of us want to assure the Roman Catholic Daughters and any Anglican or Lutheran Daughters that remain that although they are a minority we recognize them as valued members of the Order.

The Daughters of the King are praying for the upcoming General Convention, for you personally, and for all the delegates and bishops who will participate. Daughters in the Diocese of Iowa have prepared a seven-day cycle of prayers for us to use during the three weeks of Triennial and Convention.

In the latest Royal Cross both our president, Joan Dalrymple, and the Triennial Chair, Phyllis Easley, urge members to participate in the Prayer Vigil. These are not the actions of a sinister cabal intent on cutting the Order’s ties with the Episcopal Church. We may be perplexed at times, but the Daughters still seek first of all to serve our King and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and work out our vows to pray and serve within our local congregations. For most of us in the United States, that means a local Episcopal congregation and diocese. Please believe that severing our multiple connections with the Episcopal Church is not an option the Daughters will consider in Anaheim.

Again, thank you for your attention and your prayers.

For His Sake,
Grace Sears, Secretary
The Order of the Daughters of the King


TLF+ said...

Hey, super. Let's replace an identity defined by "spiritual sisterhood, prayer, service, evangelism and commitment to Jesus as Savior" with "payment of denominational dues." Awesome.

Anam Cara said...

Aren't there also members who are neither Episcopal or Anglican? - Like Lutheran or something? I seem to remember reading something like that.

Are they being expelled also?

Unknown said...

That is correct, Anam Cara - there are Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, and Anglicans in the Order. The Order is not the ECW (Episcopal Church Women) - it is a separate organization.

In fact, the current chaplain was not appointed by Katharine Jefferts Schori. Frank Griswold was courteously informed and did not object to the DOK appointment.

The DOK is not the ECW - it is a separate religious order that includes chapters of churches that recognized the historic episcopate - I hope that's clear.


Anonymous said...

As I have stated many times before BabyBlue, your province is an exception to the normal rule going on in the Order. This has been going on within the Order for well over 4 years. This is nothing new it's just heating up because of Triennial, as well as many Daughters whom have left the Order because of these politics that have been going on for far too long. And as you are fully aware, DOK is not and was not suppose to get involved in the Church politics. But, being human I guess it was bound to happen.
This is why I am thankful that there is a new order being formed for those Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran women who will be forced out after Triennial and for those who have found it already unbearable to live out their vows in the Order of the Daughters of the King. For those who have left and gone to other Anglican Churches or whose diocese who have left TEc and joined another Province in the Anglican Communion have have been told that they could not form a chapter in their new churches by the National Board & Council and have been disenfranchised. They will have a place to go to live out their vows that they made to God and want to continue to pray daily, live in service to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to others without prejudice and without exclusivity that Episcopal Daughters seem to want to make the Order strictly Episcopal in seat, vote, and voice. But they have no problem taking Anglican Daughters money for dues but do not want to extend the right to have an equal standing and are hell bent on making it strictly an Order for only those they deem acceptable by affiliation of Canterbury even knowing that Primates in the Anglican Communion of other Provinces who are actually the ones who are over seeing those Anglican entities, AMiA, CANA and now ACNA are in the same Worldwide Anglican Communion with TEc. So, I look so forward to the New Anglican Order and so are many other Daughters that I now of and I am sure many more after this Triennial. We do live for the King and we can do so in an Order that see all Daughters as equal in the eyes and arms of God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, living out our vows through the holy Spirit while Episcopal Daughters continue to fight and push out sister in Christ.

Many Blessings & Prayers

Anonymous said...

Sorry my post is full of typo's but I think you get the gist. It is late here in Calif. and I have been dealing with this issue all day with ladies in my diocese who were planning on attending the Triennial and now see that it may be a huge waste of money & time that in this economy is not something to be wasted. Many are thinking it best to stay home and wait for the new Order in the fall and leave DOK altogether. It is just sad that these women who have made vows to God would not treat other sisters as they would the Lord. Pharisee's and Sadducee's come to mind. The King weeps.
Anyway I need to make one thing clear the new Anglican Order can for now be learn about here: and then I think that all need to read a letter from KJS addressing a Daughter in Nev about this very issue of an all exclusive Episcopal Order:

The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori
Presiding Bishop and Primate
May 29. 2009
Ms.Ruth Annette Mills 4413 Mark Avenue
Las Vegas. Nevada 89108
Dear Ruth.
Thank you for your heartfelt letter about the Daughters of the King and your belief that the Order is at some hazard for ceasing to be an Episcopal Order. I would encourage you and other Daughters who are concerned about this to share your concerns with others, by whatever means you find most suitable. All should be aware of the move to change membership categories and requirements, and all should be familiar with the appropriate parliamentary ways in which such changes may be adopted. The choice should be presented as clearly as possible: -do you wish the Daughters of the King to remain an Episcopal Order, or to sever formal ties to The Episcopal Church and become an ecumenical Order?"
I applaud the expressed intention of some to present these changes as an avenue of reconciliation. I applaud the intention, but find it short-sighted. The members of the Daughters of the King may do wonderful work at personal reconciliation, but they are incapable of resolving the issues that have caused some to depart The Episcopal Church. The proposed membership changes have the effect of forcing the Order, and its Episcopal members, to leave their historic affiliation with The Episcopal Church. It would, in my view, be far more appropriate to be clear about the historic character of the Daughters, and highlight the members' ability to welcome others as members of associate chapters. There is nothing wrong with claiming your relationships as faithful members of different strands of the Body of Christ, in support of a common vision, but the origin of that vision and the desire of the members to connect it to The Episcopal Church, or not, needs to be eminently clear. The Order is hampered in fulfilling its mission while it remains mired in these internal controversies.

I would caution the members about the proposal to remove the requirement that the Chaplain to the Order be appointed by the Presiding Bishop, in favor of appointment by the President of the Board. The Chaplain has historically had a guiding role, of the nature of an episcopal visitor to a religious community (an order of nuns or monks). The Chaplain's appointment is a potential check on overly enthusiastic, narrow, or novel directions espoused by the Board. It is a way in which to keep the Order catholic in the true sense of that word.
You will all continue in my prayers - for faithfulness. clarity, and charity. May your ministry be a blessing to the larger world. I remain
Your servant in Christ,

Katharine Jefferts Schori

-- Jenny Ladefoged
3 Pursuit Road #312
Aliso Viejo CA 92656

Again Blessings and Prayers

Unknown said...

The Presiding Bishop does not "appoint" the Chaplain. The PB is told who the chaplain is, let's make that perfectly clear.

DOK is a 501(c)(3) organization - if we're aiming for clarity than let's be clear. It is not within the formal structures of The Episcopal Church - it is patterned after the Episcopal tradition, but it is not within the formal structure of TEC.

A group of Episcopalians are seeking to remove the Anglicans, Lutherans, and Roman Catholics from the Order. Let's be clear that as well.

In Province III we remain committed to one another in Christ. We have Anglican and Episcopalian chaplains who have the blessing of their Anglican and Episcopal bishops. When we separated in Virginia it was our prayer that we would prayerfully seek ways to remain in as close a communion as possible. That continues to be our prayer and finding opportunities where we can stand firmly in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ is something we most heartily pursue. We cannot, we must not assume that just because we separated from TEC that God has abandoned our brothers and sisters in The Episcopal Church. He has not - He has not and while there are actions and activities that continue unabated by the leadership of TEC, actions that are heartbreaking, it does not change the fact that God's mercy extends far beyond our own comfort zone, our own pain, our own grief.

"Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're doing," Jesus cried out on the cross. I believe He still prays that prayer on our behalf, even now.

I pray that we are made one - not by Indabaing and carrying on, but through finding ourselves at the foot of the cross. Both Anglicans and Episcopalians do not enjoy finding themselves at the cross - no, not by a long shot. But that is where we are called to be - and that is what it means to be in the Order of the Daughters of the King. We stand at the foot of the cross and cry, "Lord, have mercy; Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy."


ettu said...

As an outsider all that comes to mind is the old wisdom .."can't have your cake and eat it too".. if that thought is not received well then so be it - or how about the old one about sleeping in the bed you have made. I wish you all well for I see the real pain you suffer at the loss of one another's affections but the PB's letter is clear and gracious - in all humility and in obedience it should be heeded if you are truly servants of the King for as long as you claim Episcopal connection you owe her allegiance also--or,indeed,if not then you do belong in a different organization. That would not be the end of the world and would allow you more freedom to agree or quarrel with one another without detracting from mission.

Unknown said...

I believe that the Triennial will vote and the majority will decide whether to expel the Anglicans, Lutherans, and Roman Catholics from the voting membership. It's interesting that the tactic taken by this group is to appeal to the Episcopal identity of the membership, rather than to the mission of the Order. I just find that very interesting.


Anonymous said...

KJS to DBB: Does the DOK have any assets that we can sue for?

Anonymous said...

Ettu you have jumped to the conclusion that this is an Episcopal order and "allegiance" is demanded to the PB!
The PB has no say and is owed NO allegiance. If anything the Epsicopals who wish to violate their vows should form their own order and not plunder what is not theirs alone.
The ONLY allegiance owed is to Christ.

Anonymous said...

As a follow up...why are this group of Episcopal women so bigoted that they feel the need to abandon Christ in order to fulfill a political agenda? Are not Lutherans,Roman Catholics and Anglicans Christian prayer warriors? This is truly today's Episcopal church.

SometimesWise said...

Hey bb,
Can you remove the personal contact information from letter above? It makes me nervous..


Unknown said...

I'm not able to edit comments without removing them and reposting them. Let me think about how to do this - I can copy and then repost the comment but it will show up out of order. Stay tuned.


mousestalker said...

As a man, what goes on with the DoK is truly none of my business, but what, exactly, is wrong with the DoK deciding who may or may not be a member?

I didn't know that the Episcopal Church membership could only participate in Episcopal Church activities. What's next, loyalty oaths?

Anonymous said... are waaaaaay behind the times...round these parts Jambor and his toadies have already made loyalty oaths standard operating procedure at the 19th hole.

BigTex AC

Anonymous said...

They have done loyalty oaths already ere in San Joaquin when KJS & Jerry Lamb set up their uncanonical special convention after we voted to leave TEc. Then Jerry Lamb sent out letters to the whole of the clergy in San Joaquin, those who left and those who stayed and asked them to (and I paraphrase) respond back giving allegiance to TEc. So you see they are already putting that into practice.


ettu said...

Well I am confused by being taken to task by one of the anonymous posters for " have jumped to the conclusion that this is an Episcopal order ... " If so, I do not appear to be the only one from a reading of the second letter. Ah well .... to each their own interpretation apparently

Anonymous said...

The Order does not belong to the Episcopal Church. It stands on its own alone as it is incorporated and the PB has no say so over the Order which is why and how it really is not an Episcopal Order...It does not belong to the Episcopal Church.
It was formed by a group of women back in the late 1800's who were meeting as a bible study group at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in New York. The Episcopal Church did not begin this Order and I am ot sure if all of those women were all actually Episcopal or not. Who is to say? There were no records of all of them just a few of them.....???????


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on this. Guess I will wait till after the triennial to decide whether to renew.

Anonymous said...

The DOK is still approximately 97% Episcopalian. Those of us who are Episcopalian deeply want our Presiding Bishop to be left in our bylaws. We do not want Episcopal language dropped. The intent of the affiliate membership was always that these DOK's would be a part of us but would go on to form their own assemblies (like Cursillo). There must be a venue to respect differences. There are anglican breakaways who feel that they are not in communion with us. ECUSA welcomes all baptized Christians.

The Episcopal Community NEVER wanted to breakaway from the Order. That is pure propaganda.

I love my church and I am very proud of ECUSA. How dare you put my church and my church family down. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Dear TL Dillion,

This Order was in fact incorporated as a completely episcopal order in the State of New York. I have been to the church in New York city that began this order. I have the original articles of incorporation. We are now incorporated in the State of Georgia. We have deep ties to ECUSA....and our membership is set up within the boundaries of the Epsicopal Church...Dioceses, Provinces, et cetera. Make no mistake. Our identity is deeply Episcopal.

Unknown said...

I believe it's actually a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the lovely State of Georgia. It is not within the official legal structure of The Episcopal Church (as, say, the ECW). It has adopted a structure parallel with TEC, but it is a separate entity and a non-profit corporation.

As we know, the Order also includes a number of Lutherans, Anglicans, and Roman Catholics as well. Here in the Diocese of Virginia we have both Anglican and Episcopal chapters together in the same "diocese." Bishop Lee has been supportive of this and DOK-Virginia has both an Episcopal and Anglican chaplain who work together, as they did at the recent DOK Province III Retreat. Province III is made up of both Anglican and Episcopal dioceses - the president of the diocese is in the Diocese of Pittsburgh under Bishop Bob Duncan.

What has made this work so far is our rule of life as well as the motto of the Order. One of our rules of life is "for the spiritual growth of the parish and for the clergy of the parish to which the chapter owes allegiance." Our allegiance as daughters (we take an oath in fact) is to the rector and clergy of the local parish, not the bishop. That's key to understanding how the Order operates. We are parish-centered.

Our Motto is:

For His Sake...
I am but one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do.
Lord, what will you have me do?

At the foot of the cross, where we are broken, we receive God's grace and we ask the Lord, "what will you have me do?" It really is an Order saturated in prayer - and that is our question "Lord, what will you have me do?"

It seems to me that we are to embrace one another. It's quite convicting. I was blown away by this last retreat - by the unity of the chapters and dioceses because we all desperately need the healing touch of our Savior and Lord.


Anonymous said...

You say "the National Council of the Order responds to The Rt Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori..." Let's be honest here, this was NOT the response of the National Council, but a very few indivduals. The first time National Council members saw this response from Grace Sears (where was Joan Dalrymnple) was when it was published. Not a very transparent group.

Unknown said...

No, Anon, it's the official response of the elected National Council of the Order of the Daughters of the King to the Presiding Bishop. It was made public by the national chaplain.


Anonymous said...

Us Lakeland Two found what some of the Anons have written quite interesting "How dare you...." and disowning what the leadership has written while doing the very same things themselves. This is just more of the politics of brand protection So sad. The more we see of TEC's path the more we see it's leading away from honoring the King not toward Him. The focus should be on gaining more for the Kingdom of God, not petty territorial contests.

Keep up what you are doing, BB. You continue to bring Light to darkness. And apparently hit nerves, too.

Although we L2 are still in TEC, you and all those who have "left" via CANA, AMiA, etc., are still our church family because you are children of the most High God. You belong to Jesus. He's higher than any organization.

Blessings in His Name,

The Lakeland Two

Alice C. Linsley said...

In Kentucky, where we have 2 revisionist bishops who practice a scorched earth policy, most of the DOK chapters of orthodox congregations closed their chapters. We all returned our crosses.

Celinda Scott said...

I was grateful to see Grace Sears' letter. However, I read (on Episcopal Café?) that it was not considered an official response by the rest of the DOK leadership. One thing Grace said troubled me, and that was that most of the Anglican DOKs were being encouraged to form their own order with a different name. If that happens, it will be very hard on our chapter (which has both Anglican and TEC members) and our diocesan chapter (which also has members from both). I liked Baby Blue's account of the Province III Triennial, with members from both actively participating. I hope very much that Anglican DOKs remain within DOK.

Anonymous said...

Celinda Scott,
I too love the concept and design of what you have and what Mary has in your prospective dioceses/Provinces. But again for the umpteenth time I guess I must say again....and wish that all could recognize this has not been nor will be for this season possible throughout the remainder of dioceses/provinces within the USA and it is for those women/Daughters that the Daughters of the Holy Cross has taken shape and form as well as for those Daughters who have left the Order for one reason or another that I have stated above that want to continue to live out her vows.

The National DOK's and those who are decrying Anglicans need to find & make their way as Anglicans and have their own Assemblies and Tirennials(????) have done so. We just did it and are asking for recognition within the ACNA. For those DOK who are upset that we have it comes down to membership & money because our money is no longer going to DOK it will be going to DHC and our membership will be removed from DOK and added to DHC. we have formed our won entity for all Anglican women in all Anglican jurisdictions and affiliations. No one Daughters or soon to be Daughter who is Anglican will lbe told no as they have been by DOK because of the exclusivity of DOK's understanding via Canterbury even if we find that understanding flawed as we see it. They want us in DOK for money and membership, but do not want to give us full membership for it i.e. seat, vote and voice. That is not much of a membership.

Eventually DOK will be exactly what it is aspiring to be "Exclusively Episcopal" claiming to be inclusive.

Peace & Blessings

Celinda Scott said...

It all depends on who "they" is. If people like me are "they," we don't want Anglican DOKs for their money, we want to keep our sisters with us, praying with us and studying with us and doing evangelism with us (in the broad Christian sense, not trying to get us to leave our parishes for either TEC or Anglican ones) and exercising leadership. In my diocese, there are many "they" who feel that way--and I know there are in other dioceses as well. Let's hope that we prevail in Anaheim. -- I did not know about DHC; re-reading your post, I guess that is Daughters of the Holy Cross (which I had not heard of before). I guess that is what Grace Sears was talking about? I don't know what diocese or province you are in.

Anonymous said...

This letter is probably a reaction to an incident that occurred in at least one "realigning diocese" that I know about for sure. The DOK president was asked to resign because she wished to remain in the Episcopal Church just before her diocese's historic vote to leave The Episcopal Church (a vote which the Episcopal Church states in its legal filings as illegal.) She did resign (as asked by the then Episcopal bishop of that diocese). A new DOK president was chosen who wished to leave the Episcopal Church. That DOK group has now split into two groups. One is the Episcopal group, another is the Southern Cone group. Which one is the "real group?" Both groups have the same name, claim the same chapters, etc. Decisions have to be made. Either both groups are "in" and one has to change it's name (they both currently have the same name), or one is "out." I don't know which one it will be, but things will change.

Events like church splits do have consequenses, many of them not pretty. The former Episcopal Church bishop of that diocese claims to be a bishop of the Southern Cone and tells all of his parishoners that "nothing will change in the diocese." Well, it looks like things are changing. Lawsuits have been filed, letters have been written, "things" are going to happen that have never happened before. What will happen? I don't know. But something always does. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And so on, and so on and so on...

Anonymous said...

I think the URL you meant to point to was this:

DOK leadership responds to the PB's Letter