Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Press Conference now underway at Christ Church Plano prior to the Installation of the Archbishop

The Press Conference at Christ Church Plano is now underway in preparation for the installation of the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America, the Rt. Rev'd Bob Duncan.

So far we've heard from Bishop Duncan, Michael Howell, Bishop Martyn Minns, Bishop Jack Iker and Ms Chang, Chancellor.

Q & A is now starting.

Here is Part One of the Press Conference:

Here is Part Two of the Press Conference:

Part Three of the Press Conference:

"We are uniting 700 congregations, and more importantly committed Anglican believers, in the north and in the south, on the west coast, and the east coast. We are oriented toward a hopeful future again. And the main thing is the mission of Jesus Christ. That mission is carried forward by us, His people, who are loved Bod God and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves everyone. God calls us to share that Good News with everyone." -Archbishop Bob Duncan

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Mark Filiatreau said...

Thanks, Mary, this is invaluable as well all your other posts, for those of us who couldn't get down there now.