Sunday, June 07, 2009

Celebrating 50 Years of the Main Church at Truro


Anam Cara said...

Very nicely done. When were the side aisles added? I hadn't realized that they weren't just always there.

And do you ever sleep?

Anonymous said...

When was the last time the history of Truro was updated? There are a ton of us in ordained ministry that came out of Truro and it would be interesting to see how the Lord has multiplied the ministry there.

Jamie Jones said...

Interesting to see how Anglican vestments and dress code in church has changed over the years, as well as the building, which which was expanded during John Howe's time. Hopefully, it won't wind up in the hands of Shannon Johnson!

Pageantmaster said...

Congratulations to Truro main church on its half century with much love and blessings.

I was expecting Andrea Bocelli to break through in the music, used as I am it to his wonderful version.

Unknown said...

Hey Andrew and Jamie - great to hear from both of you Truro Alumni! ;-)

Anam Cara - The Transepts were added in 1983.

Pageantmaster - thank you for posting. Here is a link to Andrea Bocelli's version of Con te partirò.


Anonymous said...

JJ: why is there a problem with Shannon Johnston? He seems like a fairly tough, orthodox Bishop. I think you'd like and respect him.


Bill C said...

Scout - The problem with Shannon Johnston is in two parts: 1. He is not our bishop. 2. Truro is not part of the Episcopal Church and is not under his apostolic leadership, whatever the character of his leadership might be.

The problem with any parish's property being taken over by TEC or the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia is dealt with in numerous court documents over the past few years. A parish has authority over its property, not a bishop.

Bill Cool

Anonymous said...

According to a lot that I have been reading out of Pittsburgh, Texas, and California, the diocese is the essential building block of the Anglican Chruch in America, Bill. Truro's diocese is still part of the Episcopal Church. Shannon Johnston will be an excellent Bishop. Had he been Bishop over the last five years, none of us would be shovelling money down the maw of law firms.


Isaac Thorpe said...

The priest who was present at the groundbreaking... in a biretta... isnt exactly the image of 1950's Virginia Low Church that is normally brought to mind... what is his story?? Was Truro originally supposed to be a High Church parish?