Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Press Conference Now Underway

Frank Griswold - "We are going to stand together in all our diversity. The church exists to be an agent of reconciliation and service in this world. Reconcilation in all things in Christ." (it is not clear to me how he can dare to talk about reconcilation when ECUSA is unwilling to apologize to the Anglican Communion for the actions that caused such a firestorm that ECUSA's vote has been removed from the ACC and the Windsor Report was sent to this General Covention for action and all ECUSA could do was receive a process and call for restraint. How is that reconciliation?).

Question from the London Times: Wants to know how long this "restraint" will last. Griswold cannot answer that question, saying "it has to be lived." The London Times asked if it would last as long as the next election of same sex partnered bishop.

Frank Griswold said that there will no action on same sex unions (NOTE: so it appears "local option" still stands).

Question regarding resolution in Jesus Christ is the way - Griswold said the resolution never came to the bishops. Werner starts talking about boarding five hundred planes and all about how many people he's meant. He says he's tired of all this. Griswold said that we recite the Nicene and Apostles Creeds and say they are quite clear. Thinks that resolutions like the one about Jesus as the way and truth and life are unnecessary and redundant.

Question - Support or Oppose Oversight for Ft. Worth - Griswold will let the Panel of Reference make a decision and will wait for the results.

Werner talks about ambiguity.


DeeBee said...

I figured that, if this milquetoast, sorry excuse for a resolution made it through both houses, that FG would manage to use it as fodder for his oneness spiel.

B Channon said...

I am terribly sad: the fudge none of us wanted, MAry.

B Channon said...

I am terribly sad, Mary: the fudge none of us wanted.