Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BBC Headlines say it all: US Church defiant on gay bishops

US Church defiant on gay bishops

Members of the US Episcopal Church have rejected a demand from the worldwide Anglican Church that they stop appointing gay bishops.
Correspondents say the decision could lead to a permanent split, with the Episcopalians being expelled from 77 million-member Anglican communion.

The US Church attracted the ire of conservative Anglicans by appointing gay bishop Gene Robinson in 2003.

Two days ago it took a further radical step by electing a female leader.

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The Monk said...

Good Job! Episcopal Church!
We need to steer our own course in "spreading the gospel, and administering to the poor. To Me, this whole conversation is distracting from the true work of our church. If how the message is written is more important than the meaning of the message, then we are worshipping the wrong God.