Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Deputies are being told that if A161 is voted down that the Special Committee's original version may be introduced

A deputy has risen and said that this is not true - and that they must go with the version that is in the calendar and NOT the one in the Blue Book (i.e., the one created by the Special Committee). It is clear that the House of Deputies is in a state of confusion. The Parlimentarian had to be created by a veteran deputy.

So if the resolution is defeated it is - in the words of Werner - it is "wacked."

Though now Werner is saying that it could be "reconsidered" - though with the Vote by Orders an entire delegation has to request it, not a single Deputy. They also have to be in the majority of the vote that is ultimately taken.

El Camino Real wants to do other stuff while they wait for the votes. For about the fifth time Werner says "I was thinking the exact same thing."


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