Wednesday, June 21, 2006

House of Deputies are now voting on suspension of rules

Rule 28 be suspended ot allow consideration of B033. It is debatable but not amendable.

Deputy rises to speak against the motion. He says B033 is the "same girl in a new dress."

The President-elect of the Deputies is saying that the debate has to stick to the motion. The matter is a suspension of Rule 28. She asking for more speakers to this.

Central Florida since own rules don't cover this, then Roberts Rules becomes standard of judgement. It says there should be unanimous consent.

Springfield Deputy - raises point of order regarding suspension of rules, two circumstances - Deputy Coyle said it should be Roberts Rules, it's all ready been defeated before and now should be consented unanimously or Rule 31B which states that no motion can be considered unless it has been amended considerably, but this one looks like the one that has been defeated twice. He thinks this is improper and should be ruled out of order.

President-elect turns to the Parlimentarian.

Parlimentarian says that you can't reconsider the same resolution twice, we are relying instead on a separate resolution "or any question of like-iimport" but a suspension of a rule of like matter and it's now up to the House to suspend that rule.

Missouri - speaks in favor in suspending the rules - please do not stop those of us who want to deal with this issue from doing so. It is unfair to stop the process. We as a body need to deal with this.

Next Deputy - says that that this resolution has been materially altered.

B033 has never been before this house and so that provision does not apply.

Western Louisanna - speaks against the suspension of the rules. The vote has all ready been made earlier and says that this body should be at hand with the business of the day.

North Carolina - speaks in favor of going ahead of the resolution. Tired of House being hijacked by extremes and this is one way to let it happen. There was clapping and cheering from the House when this was said.

Next bishop - "The Hour commeth and is now is to follow a leader" speaks in favor.

Next Deputy - the rules are made for people. I consider the coming of our bishops and our presiding bishop as a special appeal to all of us of a matter that is important to all of us. Supports reconsideration of this rule.

Western Kansas - supports PB.

Next Deputy - I want to deal with this issue - everyone is talking about reconcilation - and I've been manipulated into this by those who are smarter at politics than I am.

Western Louisana - speaks in favor of suspending the rules. I am tired of being bullied about by this house. We have responsibility to hear this issue out as an exercise in grace. He wants the church to find a way to live together. Refers to Mother Jesus - goodness gracious. (there is chuckling in the newsroom).

The question is called.

Voting to end debate


Now they are voting to Suspend the Rule
People are yelling at the chair.

Northern Indiana - said the chair said it was for the Suspend of the Rule.

Terminating Debate is voted aye.

Now main motion is before us to suspend Rule 28.


Suspension carries.

Moves to a special order on debate. There is no committee report. It is B033 to be considered now. There is no need for minutes for the committee chair to speak nor to respond to questions. I propose in the Special Order with entire debate is 30 minutes, each speaker to two minutes, no amendments or procedure motions during first ten minutes, and issues about how many times a speaker can speak.


Chair says that she has the privledge to invite a special request - the new PB would like to speak to the House of Deputies. New chair says she is uncomfortable about making decision without hearing about that from the House. Why would she hestitate except to illustrate that a large group would like to hear from her.

So the new PB will be speaking to the House of Deputies.

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