Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"ECUSA has chosen to walk apart"

"Saldy it shows that the Special Committee was asked to do an impossible job, the gap is unbridgeable," Canon Martyn Minns said today in a statement released after the House of Deputies rejected A161 this afternoon. "It reveals that within this convention there are two different churches with two irreconcilable truth claims. However, these two churches were united in their desire for clarity."

"This is clear," Canon Minns said. "ECUSA is not willing to embrace the minimum requirements of the Windsor Report. Unhappily, this decision seems to show that ECUSA has chosen to walk apart from the rest of the Anlgican Communion."

Canon Martyn Minns is rector of Truro Church, Fairfax, Virginia and on the board of the American Anglican Council.

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