Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bishops Pass B-033

in considering the consecration of any candidate is the amendment to the resolution. So it would read

"exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate ...

"exercise restraint in consenting the consecration of any candidate ..."

Wolfe says "I'd like to call the question, though I don't know what the question is."

Bishop of Ohio "Bishop of Washington to take out the words "by not consenting" and sub "in considering consent" and that has been further amended by Johnson to take out the words "considering consent" and adding "consenting" so it reads "excercise restraint in consenting the consecration of any candidate."


The Amendment to the Amendment fails. So it's back to exercise restraint in considering the consecration ...

Another Bishop says they are giving into fear.

Bishop is talking about the Church being of Two Minds - New PB is the one speaking - "I think we are still living with a body of Christ that is not ready for this. I don't think that the two offspring are capable of living together and healthy. My sense is that the original resolution is the best we are going to do today but I'll only support it if there is reconsideration in the real future."


Amendment fails!

Now they are calling the question.

Now they are ready to V

The Resolution passes as fast as anything I have ever seen at General Convention, especially something so important. But the new PB Schori was very very clear that she would only vote for it if it was understood that the "conversation will continue in the very near future" which means that the Episopal Church will NOT refrain from consecration bishops (and it's impliled as well that the same sex blessings will continue as an extension of the clergy's pastoral care).

The resolution now goes to the House of Deputies.


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