Thursday, June 29, 2006

No, Not Yet - Both Truro and The Falls Church entering discernment process

NOTE FROM BB: Read the following notice from The Falls Church website. This is true for Truro as well. We are entering a discernment process which will begin in the fall. Stay tuned for more details. Here's what Truro's sister parish, The Falls Church, has posted to their website:

The Washington Times has reported that our church has informed our Bishop that we are leaving the Diocese of Virginia and leaving the Episcopal Church. This certainly is not true and misrepresents where we are as a congregation. It is true that we think an extended period of study, prayer, and deliberation about how we are to respond to the serious rift in our denomination is wise and we are hoping to engage in such a time this fall. The thoughtful booklet (“Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?”) that our vestry recently prepared and sent to the congregation analyzing our current situation is the most up to date information we have produced. It gives a clear sense of the issues we are facing. There are extra copies available in the church.


Anonymous said...

As seen across Kairos List Service about the said Washington Times article & 40-day discernment process

"Until then ... Please pray for Kairos host parish, Rev. John Yates, TFC Vestry and congragation as they navigate these waters (you can include my home parish too & I'd not mind)."

PLEASE be praying for these two parishes as they enter into the discerment period on how to respond to GC06.

Uncle Dino said...

Despite generally good reporting, the Washington Times chose a particularly bad headline!

Anonymous said...


I am listening to the Dylan song while typing this note:

Thank you for the information you provided during the GC06. Kendal H was one of our parish priests so I knew the link to your Blog site as well as StandFirmInFaith would be reliable. I was not let down.

GOD bless you & give you his Peace.

Rick S.