Saturday, June 24, 2006

Laptop Update: Last Rites on the Hard Drive

I knew things didn't look good when I got in my car and storm clouds were hovering overhead, with the annoying rumbles of thunder. Doom. Arrived at the Apple Store and Rohan (yes, it's it a great name - learned his father is Sri Lankan Muslim, his mother is Catholic, and his stepfather is Episcopalian). I said, "Wow, Rohan, great name - Lord of Rings and all that." Rohan said people ask him all the time if he was named after the Tolkien characters. Felt pretty good though leaving the laptop with someone named Rohan, though.

Yes, fatal. The Hard Drive crashed. DOA. Rohan says hard drives can last two months or ten years, you just never know. Good news: It's under warranty and so everything is free. It should be ready for pickup tomorrow.

Been thinking about the fact that everything is wiped out that was on the laptop. The rain is now pouring down, we have a flash flood watch up which matches my mood, for more reasons than just my sad laptop. I am hoping that anything that was really important is actually on the MacMini at home. But I got to thinking about the fact that I will start all over again tomorrow, with a brand new hard drive (more good news: they had a brand new one in the back where the elves work, you do know about the Apple Elves, don't you?). "Strike another match go start anew," Dylan says in in the song where this blog get's it's name.

Never thought Dylan really meant it.

Guess he did.

You know the rest.


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