Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Debate Continues in House of Deputies

Deputy says the resolution tears at her heart but as a gift to the new PB let's vote for it.

Chicago Deputy - thinks she can live with it since it says "exercise restrain in considering" and so she understands that doesn't mean repent or a moritorium.

Next Deputy - we all have our specific wants and desires, we must be willing to compromise and sacrifice our desires for the relationship.

BB Note: The problem here is that this resolution doesn't answer Windsor. ECUSA is attempting to redirect the report into a process which is not what the report asks or requires.

Deputy from Dallas - Recaps what happened in Minneapolis. He said that when the bishops sent the earlier resolution it was defeated. And now they've done it again. It is less than what we can do and it's sending a message that will continue to fracture a relatinship with our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion.

Virginia - Russ Palmore - Raises two realities - there are gays and lesbians who are not Episcopalians but don't have the voice that this church has. This church has embraced the "listening process." It includes listening to the experiences of homosexual persons. I believe this resolution will help keep us at the table and help facilitate and ensure the listening process which we have embraced and adopted here in Columbus.

Quincy - It is not even in the ballpark of the specific requests, it's not even in the parking lot of the Windsor Report. To approve this resolution comes close to the height of hypocrisy.

Next Deputy - I was ashamed at the arrogance of the House of Deputies. We need to be humble, with restraint. We must tell our PB and our PB-elect that we are humbled, we listening, and we hear them.

Deputy from Newark - Offers amendment:

presents a challenge to the wider church "until General Convention 2009." I find this resolution personal heartbreaking and for all the gays and lesbians who have been important voices in the church. Experiencing the voices, the witness, the voice of the new PB, and the voice of gays and lesbians. Offer hope by putting on a deadline. (Problem- the Windsor Report requests a General Consensus emerges, not imposing a timelimit from the American church.)

Colorado - urges defeat of amendment and adopting of main motion. BBC was reporting the actions what is going on here, the world is watching, the world needs to see something other than stridently seeking under personal agenda. The left and right look the same. The courage needs strength to maintain. The center appears to have all the gifts of the spirit, he says by listing them and saying that only those in the center have them.

Deputy Wade - Chair of the Special Committee - from Washington - speaks against the resolution. No act can bind the future General Convention. It adds nothing, complicates everything.

Deputy from Northern Michigan - against resolution. Gene provides the way of life as Jesus does because of his manner of life.

Colorado Deputy - speaks against the amendment - wants to be in favor of hope rather than fear. Wants everyone to consider the work of the Holy Spirit to act in hope and love.

Brad Drell - W. Lousianna - speaks against amendment.

Point of Order being made

Newark Deputy - wants to speak in favor of it.

Chair says Drell goes first.

Drell - It does not comply with Windsor Report or the Listening Process.

Newark - I believe that for some thirty years the church has been guiding this church into a New Truth which culminating with the acts of 2003. They have not paricipated in the conversations and frustrated that they haven't responded to "We've set our hope in Christ." We want to say we are in conversation with you and expect you to be in conversation with us.

Call the Question on the Amendment and the Main Motion

Voting on Terminating Debate

Voting on Amendment

The Amendment is defeated.

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